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1496 - Letter, Hon Marshall Perron, MLA, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory to P J Keating, Prime Minister, dated 20 May 1993.pdf.jpg27-May-1993Letter, Hon Marshall Perron, MLA, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory to P J Keating, Prime Minister, dated 20 May 1993Tabled Paper 1496-
Reports_Committees_The_Impact_of_a_Goods_and_Services_Tax_on_the_Northern_Territory_Administrative_and_Practical_Aspects_Report_prepared_by_Michael_B_Evans_KMPG.PDF.jpg21-May-1992The Impact of a Goods and Services Tax on the Northern Territory, Administrative and Practical Aspects, Report prepared by Michael B. Evans, KPMG Peat Marwick, dated February 1992Tabled paper 887-
Federal_Grants_1992-93_Northern_Territory_Local_Government_Grants_Commission.PDF.jpg26-Nov-1992Northern Territory Local Government Grants Commission Federal Grants 1992-93Tabled paper 1285-
Papers_Document_On_Appeal_from_the_Judgment_of_His_Honour_Mr_Justice_Moinahan_between_Harris_and_Commonwealth_Bank_of_Australia_Plaintiffs_and_Muirhead_and_Muirhead_Defendants.PDF.jpg20-May-1993Document On Appeal from the Judgment of His Honour Mr Justice Moinahan between Harris and Commonwealth Bank of Australia Plaintiffs and Muirhead and Muirhead DefendantsTabled paper 1444-
Adjournment, by John Bailey Defence Plea of Xanana Gusmao Excerpts dated 21 May 1993.PDF.jpg27-May-1993Adjournment, by John Bailey, Defence Plea of Xanana Gusmao, Exerpts, dated 21 May 1993Tabled paper 1476-
Papers_Submission_by_the_Dependants_unsigned_and_undated.PDF.jpg20-May-1993Submission by the Dependants The Right to Representation by CounselTabled paper 1442-
Papers_Article_Forget_Epsom_They_do_it_better_in_Alice_by_Michael_Leapman_from_The_Independent_London_dated_4_June_1993.pdf.jpg17-Aug-1993Article Forget Epsom They do it better in Alice by Michael Leapman from The Independent London dated 4 June 1993Tabled paper 1560-
Letters_I_V_Knight_Ombudsman_to_N_R_Bell_MLA_dated_21_May_1992.PDF.jpg21-May-1992Letter, I V Knight, Ombudsman to N R Bell MLA, complaint re Power connection, Hermannsburg, dated 21 May 1992Tabled paper 910-
Movement_Requisition_Travel_on_Official_Business_Hon_Fred_Finch_MLA_Minister_for_Transport_and_Racing_and_Gaming_dated_8_9_1990.PDF.jpg1-Mar-1994Movement Requisition Travel on Official Business Hon Fred Finch MLA Minister for Transport and Racing and Gaming dated 8 June 1990Tabled paper 2012-
Annual_Reports_Commissioner_of_Consumer_Affairs_1990-91_and_Consumer_of_Motor_Vehicles_Dealers_1990.PDF.jpg20-Aug-1992Annual Report Commissioner of Consumer Affairs 1990-91 and Annual Report Consumer of Motor Vehicles Dealers 1990Tabled paper 1022-


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