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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
756-0029.JPG.jpg14-Apr-1908Meyers family--
PH0756-0063.tif.jpg14-Apr-1908Meyers residence--
756-0009.JPG.jpg27-Apr-1908Mrs Allchurch and Jessie--
756-0028.JPG.jpg27-Mar-1908Birthday party--
7-Jun-1908Gwendolyne Stevens-Stevens, Gwendolyne Daphne; Healey, Gwendolyne Daphne
16876.JPG.jpg1-Jan-1908No. 25 - H.P. Talbot--
16880.JPG.jpg1-Jan-1908No. 25 - H.P. Talbot--
170-0139.JPG.jpg1-Aug-1908John Cobb Buscall--
PH0227-0014.tif.jpg1-Jan-1908H. P. Talbot 'Angelina'--