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Medically_important_insects_in_the_NT_and_how_disasters_may_affect_them_2003.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2003Medically important insects in the Northern Territory and how disasters may affect them-Whelan, Peter I; Van Den Hurk, Andrew
1-Dec-2008Rapid identification of Aedes albopictus, Aedes scutellaris and Aedes aegypti life stages using real-time polymerase chain reaction assays-Hill, Lydia A; Davis, Joseph B; Hapgood, George; Whelan, Peter I; Smith, Greg A; Ritchie, Scott A; Cooper, Robert D; Van Den Hurk, Andrew
Medical_Entomology_Annual_Report_2007_08.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2008Medical Entomology annual report 2007/08-Whelan, Peter I; Kurucz, Nina; Warchot, Allan; Carter, Jane M; Pettit, William J; Nguyen, Huy T; Whitters, Raelene T; Love, Barbara; Bowbridge, Darren; Day, Lauren
Aedes_aegypti_mosquitoes_vectors_for_dengue,_found_in_Tennant_Creek_-_Elimination_campaign_in_progress_2004.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2004Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, vectors for dengue, found in Tennant Creek - elimination campaign in progress-Whelan, Peter I; Krause, Vicki; Lamche, Gisela; Kurucz, Nina
complete_Report_Bellamack_and_Palmerston_East.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2008Palmerston eastern suburbs biting insect assessment-Warchot, Allan; Whelan, Peter I
Evaluation_of_bifenthrin_applications_in_tires_to_prevent_Aedes_mosquito_breeding_2009.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2009Evaluation of bifenthrin applications in tires to prevent Aedes mosquito breeding-Nguyen, Huy T; Whelan, Peter I; Shortus, Matthew; Jacups, Susan P
Aerial_mosquito_control_of_Ilparpa_swamp_Alice_Springs_12_Mar_2010.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2010Aerial mosquito control of Ilparpa swamp, Alice Springs 12 March 2010-Kurucz, Nina; Whelan, Peter I
Mosquito_control_in_Leanyer_Swamp_2007.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2007Mosquito control in Leanyer swamp-Whelan, Peter I
Complete_Report.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2007Medical Entomology Branch Report 2005/06-Whelan, Peter I; Kurucz, Nina; Warchot, Allan; Carter, Jane M; Pettit, William J; Shortus, Matthew; Nguyen, Huy T; Anderson, Stacey; Copley, Nadine; Whitters, Raelene T; Pearce, Tamara
A_Mosquito_Survey_of_Dili_East_Timor_and_and_implications_for_disease_control_2001.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2001A mosquito survey of Dili, East Timor, and implications for disease control-Whelan, Peter I; Hapgood, George