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PH0236-0034.tif.jpg1952-00-00Looking up Smith Street-
10930.JPG.jpg0000-00-00Smith StreetNemec, George Jiri
42738.JPG.jpg1947-00-00Smith Street-
35803.JPG.jpg1940-00-00Smith Street-
05011.JPG.jpg1980-00-00Town Hall building, Smith Street in ruins-
PH0784-0116.tif.jpg1966-00-00Smith Street-
427-0191.JPG.jpg0000-00-00Robbie Braithwaite and gentleman in the Smith Street Mall, Darwin-
28392.JPG.jpg1940-00-00Smith Street-
28946.JPG.jpg1935-00-00Smith Street-
22847.JPG.jpg1962-00-00Smith Street-