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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
PH0553-0027.jpg.jpg1-Dec-197423 George Cresent-Fong, William
00607.JPG.jpg26-Feb-1975Fannie Bay Goal showing damage caused by Cyclone Tracy--
PH0109-0017.tif.jpg1-Dec-1974Damage caused to power pole and housingF. G. FranklinFranklin, F. G. (Frederick Graeme)
41965.JPG.jpg1974East Point RoadWilliam FongFong, William
PH0244-0019.tif.jpg25-Dec-1974Houses after Cyclone TracyRob Wesley-Smith.Wesley-Smith, Rob
PH0553-0026.jpg.jpg1-Dec-1974Damaged flatsWilliam FongFong, William
PH0109-0028.tif.jpg25-Dec-1974Damage caused by Cyclone TracyF. G. FranklinFranklin, F. G. (Frederick Graeme)
PH0553-0006.jpg.jpg1974Tarpaulin roofWilliam FongFong, William
PH0553-0004.jpg.jpg1-Dec-1974Missing roofWilliam FongFong, William
PH0244-0006.tif.jpg25-Dec-1974Cyclone TracyRob Wesley-Smith.Wesley-Smith, Rob