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day: 28; year: 2000; month: JulDeal offers chance to young offendersWatt, Bob
day: 10; year: 1999; month: MayExpert reveals strengths of men, womenWatt, Bob
day: 29; year: 2001; month: AugTambling, CLP bid to resolve disputeWatt, Bob
day: 07; year: 2001; month: FebJudge in stinging attack on BurkeWatt, Bob; McGuirk, Rod
day: 01; year: 2000; month: MarBurke to fight jail law changesWatt, Bob
day: 25; year: 2000; month: FebJail term for dope growerWatt, Bob
day: 04; year: 2001; month: AugCLP stacked votes: claimWatt, Bob
day: 04; year: 1999; month: AugInterpreters badly needed, says judgeWatt, Bob
day: 08; year: 2000; month: AprCourt turnoil over jail lawsWatt, Bob
day: 11; year: 1999; month: JulRetiring Justice wont be replaced: BurkeWatt, Bob