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day: 30; year: 1992; month: MAYDays grow longer for NT politiciansThomson, Greg
day: 16; year: 1992; month: NOVAlice rail link back on tableThomson, Greg
day: 18; year: 1992; month: MAYTickner kills Alice dam projectThomson, Greg
day: 29; year: 1992; month: SepBy-election waits on House sittingsThomson, Greg
day: 23; year: 1992; month: JULSheraton legacy will be costlyThomson, Greg
day: 27; year: 1992; month: NovGovt land claim switch : olive branch offeredThomson, Greg
day: 22; year: 1993; month: APRTIO chief focuses on serviceThomson, Greg
day: 23; year: 1992; month: NOVMinistry spot or vale RogerThomson, Greg
day: 30; year: 1992; month: NovCM promotes tourism, tradeThomson, Greg
1992-09-09Dalway deals queried: departmental files usedThomson, Greg