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day: 30; year: 1991; month: Sep'Friendly' fish net sent to IndonesiaCondon, Karl
day: 11; year: 1996; month: AugFishing gets $1m boost-
day: 12; year: 1991; month: AugFish trick a bother-
day: 15; year: 1994; month: APRReed launches new plan to lure anglersCridland, Nicole
1996-02-05Media releaseMartin, Clare (Clare Majella)
day: 18; year: 1991; month: NOVHigh hopes for oystersThonemann, Abi
day: 12; year: 1991; month: OCTShould introduce barra banMannix, Lex
March/July 1992Hatchery helps pearl productionMcCue, Sam
1992-01-09Anglers to fight licence charge-
day: 14; year: 1994; month: JANToo soon to cheer-