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05311.JPG.jpg1962-10-01Stuart Arms Hotel, Todd Street, Alice SpringsHelyar, Geoff & Lois
06001.JPG.jpg1979-04-06Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser-
34648.JPG.jpg1930-01-01Open Air Picture Theatre-
04833.JPG.jpg1950-01-01SchoolPearce, Norm
04976.JPG.jpg1980-02-26Connellan Airways Hangar-
PH0034-0047.tif.jpg1950-01-01Todd Street-
06009.JPG.jpg1979-04-06Riverside Hotel-
PH0723-0032.tif.jpg0000-00-00Gorey and Cole-
34653.JPG.jpg1930-01-01Alice Spring with Ranges-