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AchievInATSIhlth.pdf.jpg2003-11-01Achievements in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health: summary reportShannon, Cindy; Wakerman, John; Hill, Peter; Barnes, Tony; Griew, Robert
DHCS_Corporate_Governance_Framework.pdf.jpg2004-09-01Dept. of Health and Community Services corporate governance frameworkDept. of Health and Community Services
PCD_Strategy_Evaluation_2007.pdf.jpg2007-01-01An evaluation of the NT Preventable Chronic Disease Strategy-
2009-02-23Maternity services and recruitment of obstetricians at Gove District Hospital : Daryl Manzie interviews David Ashbridge, Chief Executive of the NT Government Department of Health and Families.Manzie, Daryl; Ashbridge, David
New_records_of_arboviruses_isolated_from_mosquitoes_in_the_nT_1982-1992_ARA_ver.pdf.jpg1997-02-26New records of arboviruses isolated from mosquitoes in the Northern Territory, 1982-1992Weir, Richard; Hyatt, A; Calisher, C; Whelan, Peter I
Independent_Review_of_Governance_Arrangements_at_RDH.pdf.jpg2009-02-23Independant review of governance arrangements at Royal Darwin HospitalHogan, Kaye; Jones, M R (Taffy); Braithwaite, Jeffrey
proposed_aerial_control_trials_complete_report.pdf.jpg2005-08-01Proposed strategic aerial control trails (i.e. trials) of major Ochlerotatus vigilax breeding sites that affect Wallaby Beach and Nhulunbuy TownshipShortus, Matthew; Whelan, Peter I; Carter, Jane M
Vegetation_parameters_as_indicators_for_saltmarsh_mosquito_larval_control_Dec_2009_.pdf.jpg2009-01-01Vegetation parameters as indicators for salt marsh mosquito larval control in coastal swamps in northern AustraliaKurucz, Nina; Whelan, Peter I; Carter, Jane M; Jacups, Susan P
intro-Aboriginal_health_and_families.pdf.jpg2005-01-01Aboriginal health and families: a five year framework for actionDept. of Health and Community Services
mothers_babies_1997.pdf.jpg1999-02-26Trends in the health of mothers and babies, Northern Territory, 1997Carnegie, Michelle; Gladigau, Paul; Measey, Mary-Anne; D'Espaignet, Edouard