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IndigenousDeathsChronicDisease.pdf.jpg2006-08-07Long-term trends in indigenous deaths from chronic diseases in the Northern Territory: a foot on the brake, a foot on the acceleratorThomas, David; Condon, John; Anderson, Ian; Li, Shu Qin; Halpin, Stephen; Cunningham, Joan; Guthridge, Steve
2009-08-01Avoidable mortality trends in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal populations in the Northern Territory, 1985-2004Li, Shu Qin; Gray, Natalie; Guthridge, Steve; Pircher, Sabine; Wang, Zhiqiang; Zhao, Yuejen
pol_OnePager_StrategicWorkforcePlan.pdf.jpg2008-08-01Strategic workforce plan 2008-2011Northern Territory. Department of Health and Families
Burden_of_disease_and_injury_NT_1999-2003.pdf.jpg2009-01-01Burden of disease and injury in the Northern Territory, 1999-2003Zhao, Yuejen; You, Jiqiong; Guthridge, Steve
Market_basket_2006.pdf.jpg2007-01-01NT market basket survey, 2006Nutrition and Physical Activity Program
Smoking_prevalence_NT.pdf.jpg2010-09-01Smoking prevalence, Northern Territory`Chondur, Ramakrishna; Wang, Zaimin; Guthridge, Steve
AMI9204.pdf.jpg2009-03-16Incidence and survival after acute myocardial infarction in indigenous and non-indigenous people in the Northern Territory, 1992-2004You, Jiqiong; Condon, John; Zhao, Yuejen; Guthridge, Steve
nurse_report.pdf.jpg2008-01-01Attracting and keeping nursing professionals in an environment of chronic labour shortage: a study of mobility among nurses and midwives in the Northern Territory of AustraliaGarnett, Stephen; Coe, Kristal; Golebiowska, Kate; Walsh, Helen; Zander, Kerstin; Guthridge, Steve; Li, Shu Qin; Malyon, Rosalyn
REPORT94.pdf.jpg1996-08-01Mothers and babies 1994Markey, Peter; McComb, John; Woods, Maxene
hgains_factsheet_mortality2006.pdf.jpg2006-06-01Mortality in the Northern TerritoryHealth Gains Planning, DHCS