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Exotic_Aedes_Surveillance_and_Exclusion_from_the_NT_of_Australia_-_1998.pdf.jpg1998-02-26Exotic Aedes surveillance and exclusion from the Northern Territory of AustraliaWhelan, Peter I; Tucker, Garry
market_basket_survey_2003.pdf.jpg2003-12-01Market basket survey of remote community stores in the Northern Territory, April-June 2003Nutrition and Physical Activity Program
NT_MBS_report_2010_final.pdf.jpg2010-01-01Northern Territory market basket survey 2010Nutrition and Physical Activity Program
NT_Medical_Entomologist_Ipswich_Flood_Relief_trip_January_2011.pdf.jpg2011-03-01NT Medical Entomologist Ipswich flood relief trip 20-26 January 2011Kurucz, Nina; Warchot, Allan
Report_muirhead.pdf.jpg2008-02-01Muirhead biting insect assessmentWarchot, Allan; Whelan, Peter I
report_nt_mbs_2009.pdf.jpg2010-06-01Northern Territory market basket survey 2009Northern Territory. Department of Health And Families. Nutrition And Physical Activity Unit
2001-04-01Murray Valley encephalitis virus surveillance and control initiatives in AustraliaSpencer, Jenean D; Azoulas, Joe; Broom, Annette K; Buick, Tim D; Daniels, Peter W; Doggett, Stephen L; Hapgood, George; Jarrett, Peter J; Lindsay, Michael; Lloyd, Glenis; Mackenzie, John S; Merianos, Angela; Moran, Rodney J; Ritchie, Scott A; Russell, Richard C; Smith, David W; Stenhouse, Fay O; Whelan, Peter I
A_public_health_service_mosquito_survey_of_Dili_East_Timor_and_public_health_implications_2001.pdf.jpg2001-09-01A Territory Health Service mosquito survey of Dili, East Timor and public health implicationsWhelan, Peter I
2011-03-02Aedes aegypti interception at Darwin seaport, 1 June 2010Nguyen, Huy T; Finlay-Doney, Mary
An_imported_case_of_Chikungunya_in_the_NT_and_a_summary_of_the_ecology_of_the_disease_2004.pdf.jpg2004-09-01An imported case of chikungunya in the Northern Territory and a summary of the ecology of the diseaseWhelan, Peter I; Spencer, Emma; Currie, Bart