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Questions Day 1 - Tuesday 24 November 1998



Questions Day 1 - Tuesday 24 November 1998

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Parliamentary Record 12


Questions for 8th Assembly 1997 - 2001; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 8th Assembly 1997 - 2001




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QUESTIONS - Tuesday 24 November 1998 this another example of the member for Nhulunbuy, as he did 2 weeks in a row, standing up waving around papers saying: Just you wait. This is someone who cries w olf. Now, he has a responsibility, having made these claims and these allegations, to come clean. This is the man who believes that there are one-way viewing areas in hotels around Darwin and Alice Springs. This is where you tripped yourself up because you said in your press release that this had been filmed secretly. This is what you said: The entire exercise is secretly videotaped and secretly observed by Country Liberal Party officials and minders behind a viewing wall. This is the day of truth. He either puts up or he shuts up. This is typical of the sort of allegations that the member for Nhulunbuy, with the consent of the Leader of the Opposition, makes on a very regular basis, and you try to get away with it. DISTINGUISHED VISITOR Madam SPEAKER: Honourable members, I draw your attention to the presence in the gallery of the former Senator of the Northern Territory, Hon Bern Kilgariff. On behalf of all members, I extend a warm welcome. Members: Hear, hear! Allegations Against Andrew Coward Mr STIRLING to CHIEF MINISTER Given the Chief Ministers extraordinary allegation of theft just made against Mr Coward in his previous answer - under the protection of parliament, I might add - will he now put this matter in the hands of the police and have Andrew Coward charged with theft forthwith? ANSWER Madam Speaker, having laid down the challenge to the member for Nhulunbuy - produce what you reckon you have. Attacks on Territory Financing by NSW Premier Mr DUNHAM to CHIEF MINISTER What has been the response from Territorians to the recent attacks on the Territory by the New South Wales Labor Premier, Bob Carr? ANSWER Madam Speaker, I can tell you what the CLP response was, but I cannot tell you what the ALP response in the Territory was, because it was muted. Labor said nothing. This was the disgraceful ad, and I propose to table it in the parliament. It was run by the New South Wales Labor government, and there has not been a peep out of this lot sitting opposite. Mrs Hickey: It is a disgrace. Mr STONE: The Leader of the Opposition says it is a disgrace. Could she point at any time to when she actually climbed into the media and joined with me in the criticism of the advertising campaign. You were silent, and it is a classic example of the fact that you do not even run your own affairs up here. You have it all run for you. You have your current federal general secretary in town. He has come up here to tell you how to run the show, and when it came to criticising Bob Carr, because he said that Territorians were bloodsuckers on the national economy, you did not say a thing. I joined with the Labor Premier of Tasmania, Jim Bacon, in criticising that campaign. How ironic that I had to get the support of the Labor Premier of Tasmania and I could not get it from the leader of the Labor Party in the Northern Territory because she is beholden to Bob Carr. Privatisation of Territory Hospitals Mr RIOLI to MINISTER for HEALTH, FAMILY AND CHILDRENS SERVICES Thousands of Territory hospital workers are angry and fear for their futures. You have moved a vote of no confidence in them. You are threatening their jobs and conditions. Is it not true that even the consultants report, which you have swallowed hook, line and sinker, says that these workers met national efficiency standards? When will you tell these hospital workers what they have done to deserve these unprecedented attacks? ANSWER Madam Speaker, it is good to hear at last, some comment from the shadow member for health, because he has been stymied throughout this process by the Leader of the Opposition who has been running all sorts of ... Ms MARTIN: A point of order! The answer should be relevant to the question. This has nothing to do with it and I ask the minister to answer this very important question. Madam SPEAKER: Minister, would you make your answer relevant to the question. 411