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The Centralian advocate Tue 29 Jan 2013



The Centralian advocate Tue 29 Jan 2013


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18 Centralian Advocate, Tuesday, January 29, 2013 P U B : C A D V D A T E : 2 9 -J A N -2 0 1 3 P A G E : 1 8 C O L O R : C M Y K Enter new TV sleuth CRAIG McLACHLAN Dr Blake Mysteries Picture: AP RISK-taker, maverick, town doctor these are the three things that describe Dr Lucien Blake. The Doctor Blake Mysteries is an original 10-part murder mystery series starring Logie awardwinner Craig McLachlan as the maverick country town doctor Lucien Blake. A risk-taker, hes impulsive and not afraid to upset the status quo. Set in the late 1950s, the series begins as Dr Blake returns to a place he once called home to take over his deceased fathers medical practice. Everything seems peaceful on the surface, but seething underneath are the age-old passions of a regional town clashing head-on with the tensions and fears of the decade to come. Haunted by the horrors of war, his own personal loss and changed by his experiences as a POW, the wry, dry, yet very human Dr Blake undertakes his other role as police surgeon with gusto yet many find his unpredictable manner unnerving. Beside Dr Blake, helping and at times hindering, are his housekeeper Jean (Nadine Garner), her nephew Danny (Rick Donald), a young constable, district nurse Mattie OBrien (Cate Wolfe) and Chief Superintendent Matthew Lawson (Joel Tobeck). When a young womans body is found floating in the local lake, Dr Blake cant help digging deeper into the mystery. He is certain the dead girl a runaway from a local reform school was dead before she was dumped in the water. The autopsy proves his theory but finding the killer is more complicated. In a classic whodunnit, Dr Blake sifts through the obvious suspects, before revealing the culprit. See the first episode on ABC1 at 8.30pm Friday. WEEK four in Hollywood for the six Aussie actors seeking fame and fortune. The Hollywood heat surrounding Alycia continues to radiate. In only four weeks in Hollywood, she has landed on the shortlist for The Carrie Diaries and has been offered a lead role in a feature film. n See Next Stop Hollywood on ABC1 at 9.30pm. THE inside story of Australias colossal 70s crush on Swedish supergroup ABBA and how it changed them and us forever. ABCs Countdown and host Molly Meldrum were key to bringing ABBA to a burgeoning mid-70s TV audience looking for something different. n See ABBA Bang a Boomerang on ABC1 at 8.30pm. SOFT-SPOKEN banker Andy receives a double life sentence for the murders of his unfaithful wife and her lover. At the tough Shawshank Prison he forges an unlikely friendship with the prison fixer, Red, and both learn that hope is the ultimate means of survival. n See The Shawshank Redemption on Imparja at 9pm. AUSTRALIAN Story freturns in 2013 with stories that are narrated by the subjects themselves. The program aims to present a varied and contrasting picture of contemporary Australia and Australians from many different perspectives and to contribute to the wider spectrum of coverage of issues and individuals. n See Australian Story on ABC at 8pm. FROM PBSs American Masters series, Ric Burnss Emmy Award-winning portrait of Andy Warhol, Americas most influential artist of the latter half of the 20th century. It was the first film to exploit the immense archives at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and explore the spectrum of Warhols output. n See Andy Warhol: Raggedy Andy on ABC1 at 8pm. DOROTHY dreams of a better world some where over the rainbow. When she is caught in a tornado and lands in the fantasy world of Oz, she soon finds herself with an evil witch at her heels, three hapless misfits to guide her and no way to get home. n See The Wizard of Oz on Imparja at 7pm. WIDE World Of Sports presents the first of five One-Day International matches between Aust ralia and the West Indies. Join the commentary team for all the action live from the WACA. n See Wide World of Sports on Imparja from 1.30pm. MONDAY February 4 6.00 ABC News. (CC) 9.30 Business Today. (CC) 10.00 Backyard Science. (R, CC) 10.25 Science Clips. (R, CC) 10.35 Inside Science. (R, CC) 10.50 I Maths. (R, CC) 11.00 Landline. (R, CC) 12.00 Midday Report. (CC) 12.30 Restoration Home. (R, CC) 1.30 Meerkat Manor. (R, CC) 2.00 Waterloo Road. (PG, R, CC) 2.50 Minuscule. (R) 3.00 Childrens Programs. 5.00 Eggheads. (R, CC) 5.30 News: Early Edition. (CC) 6.05 Country House Rescue. (PG, R, CC) 6.50 Minuscule. (R) 7.00 News. (CC) 7.30 7.30. (CC) 8.00 Australian Story. Series return. (CC) 8.30 Four Corners. Series return. (CC) 9.20 Media Watch. Series return. (CC) 9.35 Q&A. Series return. (CC) 10.35 Lateline. (CC) 11.10 The Business. (R, CC) 11.35 Foyles War. (Mav, R, CC) 1.10 Bespoke Overcoat. (R) 1.50 Movie: Sailor Beware! (1956) (PG, R, CC) 3.10 Rage. (MA15+adhlnsv, R) 4.10 Movie: Breakfast For Two. (1937) (G, R, CC) 5.15 Catalyst Bytes. (R, CC) 5.30 Eggheads. (R, CC) 6.00 Sunrise. (CC) 8.30 The Morning Show. (PG, CC) 11.00 News. (CC) 11.30 To Be Advised. 1.30 Dr Oz. (PG, CC) 2.30 Minute To Win It. (PG) 3.30 The Zoo. (R, CC) 4.00 News At 4.30. (CC) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (CC) 5.30 News. (CC) 6.00 Today Tonight. (CC) 6.30 Home And Away. (PG, CC) 7.00 My Kitchen Rules. (PG, CC) 8.15 Revenge. Series return. After discovering her mother could still be alive, Emily returns to the Hamptons, more determined than ever to find out the truth. (M, CC) 9.15 How I Met Your Mother. (PG, CC) 9.45 The Mindy Project. (PG, CC) 10.15 The Mindy Project. (PG, CC) 10.45 Happy Endings. Series return. (PGs, CC) 11.15 Happy Endings. (PGs, CC) 11.45 Room For Improvement. (R, CC) 12.30 Home Shopping. 3.00 The Real Seachange. (PG, R, CC) 3.30 NBC Today. (CC) 4.30 Sunrise Extra. (CC) 5.00 Early News. (CC) 5.30 Sunrise. (CC) 6.00 M*A*S*H. (PG, R) 6.30 NFL: Americas Game. (PG, R) 7.30 Road To The Super Bowl. 8.30 Gridiron. Super Bowl XLVII. Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers. (CC) 12.30 Omnisport. (R) 1.00 Pro Bull Riding. Atlanta Invitational. Replay. 2.00 Gator 911. (PG, R) 2.30 The Great Australian Doorstep. (PG, R) 3.00 Fishing Addiction. (R) 3.30 Mega Bridges: China. (R) 4.30 Pressure Cook. (PGl, R) 5.00 iFish: Summer Series. (R) 5.30 iFish: Summer Series. (R) 6.00 M*A*S*H. (PG, R) 6.30 Get Smart. (PG, R) 7.00 Cops. (PGad, R, CC) 7.30 Python Hunters. (PG) 8.30 Movie: World Trade Center. (2006) (Mal, R) 11.10 Monster Jam. (R) 12.10 Dangerous Drives. (PGal, R) 1.10 M*A*S*H. (PG, R) 1.40 Pressure Cook. (PGl, R) 2.10 iFish: Summer Series. (R) 2.40 iFish: Summer Series. (R) 3.10 Omnisport. 3.30 Pro Bull Riding. WinStar World Casino Invitational. Replay. 4.30 Late Programs. 6.00 Today. (CC) 8.30 Mornings: Summer Series. (PG, CC) 10.30 News. (CC) 11.30 The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (PG, CC) 12.30 Danoz Direct. (R) 1.30 Days Of Our Lives. (PG, CC) 2.30 News Now. (CC) 3.30 Extra. (CC) 4.00 News. (CC) 5.00 Hot Seat. (CC) 5.30 News. (CC) 6.00 A Current Affair. (CC) 6.30 The Block: All Stars. Series return. (PG, CC) 7.30 The Big Bang Theory. Series return. (PG, CC) 8.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PGs, R, CC) 8.30 Two And A Half Men. (PGsd, CC) 9.00 Person Of Interest. Series return. (M, CC) 10.00 Person Of Interest. (Mv, R, CC) 11.00 Nikita. (AV15+v, R) 12.00 The Avengers. (PG, R) 1.00 Extra. (R, CC) 1.30 Danoz Direct. (R) 2.30 Global Shop Direct. (R) 3.00 Good Morning America. (CC) 4.30 Early Morning News. (CC) 5.00 Today. (CC) 6.00 CBS This Morning. (CC) 7.00 Wurrawhy. (P, R, CC) 7.30 Entertainment Tonight. (PG, CC) 8.00 omg! Insider. (CC) 8.30 The Bold And The Beautiful. (R, CC) 9.00 Judge Judy. (PG, CC) 9.30 Everyday Gourmet With Justine Schofield. (R, CC) 10.00 Gridiron. Super Bowl XLVII. Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers. From Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana. (CC) 2.00 MasterChef: The Professionals. (R, CC) 3.00 Judge Judy. (PG, CC) 3.30 Good Chef Bad Chef. (CC) 4.00 Totally Wild. (C, CC) 4.30 The Bold And The Beautiful. (CC) 5.00 News At Five. (CC) 6.00 The Simpsons. (R, CC) 6.30 The Project. (CC) 7.30 MasterChef: The Professionals. (CC) 8.30 Modern Family. (PG, R, CC) 9.30 Hawaii Five-0. (M, CC) 10.30 Late News. (CC) 11.15 The Project. (R, CC) 12.15 David Letterman. (PG) 1.00 Home Shopping. (PG) 5.00 James Robison. (PG) 5.30 CBS This Morning. (CC) 6.00 Childrens Programs. 4.05 Charlie And Lola. (R, CC) 4.15 Bananas In Pyjamas. (R, CC) 4.30 Play School. (R, CC) 5.00 Peppa Pig. (R, CC) 5.20 Gaspard And Lisa. (R, CC) 5.35 Driver Dans Story Train. (R, CC) 5.50 Kioka. (CC) 6.00 Humf. (R, CC) 6.15 Cloudbabies. (CC) 6.30 In The Night Garden. (R, CC) 7.00 Spicks And Specks. (PG, R, CC) 7.30 Mega Builders. (R, CC) 8.15 Would I Lie To You? (PG, CC) 8.35 Louis Therouxs Weird Weekends: Christianity. (Ml, CC) 9.30 Hell On Wheels. (Mv, CC) 10.15 Red Dwarf. (PG, R, CC) 10.45 The True Story: True Grit. (PG, R, CC) 11.30 Whisker Wars. (PG, R, CC) 11.55 Breaking Bad. (MA15+dv, R, CC) 12.40 Swingtown. (Ms, R, CC) 1.25 Swingtown. (Ms, R, CC) 2.05 News Update. (R) 2.10 Close. 6.00 Home Shopping. 7.00 Trapped. (C, R, CC) 7.30 Its Academic. (C, CC) 8.00 Toybox. (P, R, CC) 8.30 Designing Women. (PG, R) 9.00 Home And Away. (R, CC) 9.30 Sons And Daughters. (R, CC) 10.00 Coronation. (PGav) 10.30 Head Of The Class. (PG, R) 11.00 Martha Stewart. (R) 12.00 Hart To Hart. (PG, R) 1.00 The Royal. (PGa, R, CC) 2.00 Movie: Arizona Raiders. (1965) (PGv, R) 4.00 Movie: Once More, With Feeling! (1960) (G, R) 6.00 Gardeners World. 6.30 Bargain Hunt. 7.30 Heartbeat. (PG, R, CC) 8.40 Downton Abbey. (PG, R, CC) 9.45 Downton Abbey. (Final, PG, R, CC) 10.50 Dangerfield. (M, R, CC) 11.50 Bless Me Father. (PG, R) 12.30 Gardeners World. (R) 1.00 Designing Women. (PG, R) 1.30 Mad About You. (PG, R, CC) 2.00 Bargain Hunt. (R) 3.00 Room For Improvement. (R, CC) 3.30 Movie: The Falcon Takes Over. (1942) (B&W, PGv, R) 5.00 Coronation. (PGav, R) 5.30 Room For Improvement. (R, CC) 6.00 Home Shopping. 7.00 Handy Manny. (R) 7.30 Zeke And Luther. (R, CC) 8.00 A.N.T. Farm. (R, CC) 8.30 Im In The Band. (R, CC) 9.00 NBC Today. (R, CC) 10.00 NBC Meet The Press. (R, CC) 11.00 T.J. Hooker. (PGv, R) 12.00 Mickey Spillanes Mike Hammer. (PGv, R) 1.00 Homicide: Life On The Street. (M, R) 2.00 Motor Mate. (R) 3.00 Motor Mate. (R) 4.30 Dream Car Garage. 5.00 Dream Car Garage. 5.30 Pimp My Ride. (PG, R, CC) 6.00 Pimp My Ride. (PG, R, CC) 6.30 Seinfeld. (PG, R, CC) 7.00 My Name Is Earl. (PGs, R, CC) 7.30 Hollywood Treasure. (PG, CC) 8.00 Hollywood Treasure. (PG, R, CC) 8.30 Pawn Stars. (PG, R, CC) 9.30 American Restoration. (PG) 10.00 Cash Cowboys. (PG, R) 11.00 Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force. (PG) 11.30 Jacked: Auto Theft Task Force. (PG) 12.00 D.E.A. (M) 1.00 T.J. Hooker. (PGv, R) 2.00 Late Programs. 6.00 WorldWatch. 12.30 Movie: Children Of Heaven. (1997) (Iran) Amir Naji, Mir Farrokh Hashemian, Bahare Seddiqi. (G, R) 2.05 Stopover. (Romania) (G) 2.30 France 24 International News. (CC) 3.00 Al Jazeera News. (CC) 3.30 The Journal. (CC) 4.00 FIFA Futbol Mundial. (UK) (CC) 4.30 PopAsia. (G) 5.00 Global Village: Of Elephants And Men. (France) (G, CC) 5.30 French Food Safari. (G, R, CC) 6.00 World News Australia. (CC) 7.10 MythBusters: Torpedo Tastic. (US) (PG, R, CC) 8.10 Man Vs Wild. (US) Go behind the scenes of the series and meet the crew who accompany Bear Grylls on his adventures around the world. (PG, R, CC) 9.10 RocKwiz. (Ml, R, CC) 10.00 World News Australia. (CC) 10.30 The World Game. (R) 11.30 SOS. (M) 12.35 Cast Offs. (UK) (MA15+l, R) 1.35 WeatherWatch Overnight. 4.30 WeatherWatch And Music. 4.35 WorldWatch. 6.00 TV Shop: Home Shopping. 6.30 Bewitched. (R) 7.00 Bewitched. (R) 7.30 TV Shop: Home Shopping. 9.00 Alive And Cooking. (R) 9.30 Friends. (PG, R, CC) 10.00 Friends. (PG, R, CC) 10.30 Movie: Loser Takes All. (1956) (PGa, R) 12.20 GEM Presents. (R) 12.30 Bewitched. (R) 1.00 Bewitched. (R) 1.30 A Dream Home Abroad. (PG, R) 2.30 Antiques Roadshow. (R, CC) 3.30 The Ellen DeGeneres Show. (PG, R, CC) 4.30 Friends. (PG, R, CC) 5.30 Send In The Dogs. (PG, R, CC) 6.00 Hoarding: Buried Alive. (PG) 7.00 Super Nanny. Jo Frost helps out Tamara and Michael Amouri, who are struggling to cope with their four young children. (PG, R) 8.00 The Allan Border Medal. Australian crickets annual awards ceremony, from Melbournes Crown Palladium. (PG) 9.30 Southland. (Mvl, R) 10.30 Friends. (PG, R, CC) 11.00 Gideons Way. (PG, R) 12.00 Adventures In Rainbow Country. (R) 12.30 Late Programs. 6.00 Childrens Programs. 8.00 The Looney Tunes Show. (R) 8.30 Batman: The Brave And The Bold. (PGv, R) 9.00 Survivor: Philippines. (PG, R, CC) 10.45 Survivor: Philippines. (PG, R, CC) 11.30 TMZ. 12.00 Extra. (R, CC) 12.30 The Bachelor. (PGl, R) 2.30 Monsuno. (PGv, R) 3.00 Power Rangers Super Samurai. (PGv, R) 3.30 Ben 10: Alien Force. (PGv, R) 4.00 Batman: The Brave And The Bold. (PGv, R) 4.30 The Looney Tunes Show. (R) 5.00 To Be Advised. 5.30 The Middle. (PG, R, CC) 6.30 The Big Bang Theory. (PGs, R, CC) 7.30 Top Gear. (PG, R, CC) 9.00 Movie: The Hurt Locker. (2008) (AV15+alv) 11.40 Two And A Half Men. (Ms, R, CC) 12.00 Camelot. (AV15+, R, CC) 1.00 TMZ. (R) 1.30 Danoz Direct. 2.00 TV Shop: Home Shopping. 3.00 Danoz Direct. 3.30 Camelot. (AV15+, R, CC) 4.20 Extra. (R, CC) 4.40 Late Programs. 6.00 Toasted TV. 9.00 Sabrina. (PG, R) 9.30 Old School Neighbours. (R, CC) 10.00 7th Heaven. (R) 11.00 The Love Boat. (PG, R) 12.00 Charmed. (Mv, R, CC) 1.00 JAG. (PGa, R) 2.00 MacGyver. (PGv, R) 3.00 Infomercials. (PG, R) 3.30 Cheers. (PG, R) 4.00 The King Of Queens. (PG, R) 4.30 Family Ties. (PG, R) 5.00 Happy Days. (R) 5.30 The Brady Bunch. (R) 6.00 Frasier. (PG, R) 6.30 Neighbours. (CC) 7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG, R, CC) 7.30 Everybody Loves Raymond. (PG, R, CC) 8.00 Raising Hope. (PGa, R, CC) 8.30 Supernatural. (M) 9.30 American Horror Story. (AV15+hvs) 10.30 Merlin. (PGv, R, CC) 11.30 Craig Ferguson. (PG) 12.30 Entertainment Tonight. (PG, R, CC) 1.00 omg! Insider. (R, CC) 1.30 Happy Days. (R) 2.00 The Love Boat. (PG, R) 3.00 Charmed. (Mv, R, CC) 4.00 Late Programs. ALL TV TIMES ARE PROVIDED PRESS READY BY STATION NETWORKS www.peterkittleusedcars.com.au FILM & VIDEO CLASSIFICATIONS THESE RATINGS APPLY TO ALL CINEMA ADVERTISING All fi lms and videos are classifi ed by the Classifi cation Board. Look for the consumer advice which indicates the reason/s for the classifi cation decision. The Classifi cation Operations Branch, Level 6, 2333 Mary St, Surry Hills NSW 2010. Telephone 02 9289 7100.

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