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The Centralian advocate Fri 7 Aug 2009



The Centralian advocate Fri 7 Aug 2009


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6 Centralian Advocate, Friday, August 7, 2009 P U B : C A D V D A T E : 7 -A U G -2 0 0 9 P A G E : 6 C O L O R : C M Y K 2 2 0 6 0 5 /1 0 Before After Whats unique about our Program? 3 Rapid but healthy weight loss 3 No drugs, shakes or tonics 3 No exercise required (optional) 3 Effective for both men & women Past clients have experienced ... 3 Increased skin elasticity 3 Lower cholesterol levels 3 Reduced high blood pressure 3 Improved muscle tone FREE SEMINAR 12pm & 6.30pm Wed 12th August, Room 15.1.3 & 6.30pm Thur 13th August, Room 15.1.4 Charles Darwin University Grevillia Drv Alice Springs Higher Education Bld, opposite to Desert Lantern Restaurant Telephone Kim 0421 971 628 Pat Messer from Alice Springs OPINION Fear is building a Fortress Alice Letters to the Editor PO BOX 2254, 2 GAP ROAD, ALICE SPRINGS FAX:8950 9740 ceneditorial@ntn.newsltd.com.au Sir, The fence issue at Braitling school raises a couple of important issues to consider. First: Do government schools belong to the School Council, or to the community at large? If the former, then perhaps they have the right to enclose the grounds and sports facilities in electrified razor wire fences with Rottweilers, armed guards and whatever it takes to keep their property safe for the 8 hours a day 195 days a year it is used, and deny access to anyone the rest of the time. However if the school is a community facility, which can be used by local residents to encourage their children to enjoy a healthy outdoor lifestyle on evenings and weekends throughout the year, then we need to ensure that access is not denied to the playground and sports facilities. After all, the taxpayers and parents provided all the facilities in the first place. The second issue is whether we want our town to become like Port Moresby or Johannesburg? It seems that our knee-jerk response to people-behaving-badly is to put up bigger fences around every public and private facility. In 10 years time we can look forward to living in Fortress Alice, locking our car doors when we drive across town for fear of car-jackers at the traffic lights. The safest places in the world are not the ones with high security. They are the ones where people pass the time of day, and look out for their neighbours and their children; where people are out and about on foot, bicycle and public transport. Alice Springs used to be such a place. What can we do collectively to save what we have left of that spirit? Alex Hope Mischievous spin on laws Sir, With all the radio and media coverage with emails and letters to the print media, I wonder how many people have read the updated draft bylaws? I thought the media would have instigated their own investigation and reported accurately and fairly the updated bylaws, not someones mischievous interpretation of the bylaws and what they contain. There is nothing in the bylaws that suggest that the Town Council Rangers would dispose of any useable blankets. The rangers do take the blankets back to the relevant authorities for cleaning and reuse. These allegations denigrate the Town Council Rangers and the good work that they do for the town. All the media hype about Alice Springs again puts the town in a bad light in Australia and overseas. Begging is humbugging and a cultural issue which affects the most vulnerable in our community. Lhere Artepe, the traditional owners, in an article in last Fridays Advocate back the draft bylaws including draft bylaw 57, which bans begging, and in their pamphlet which has been released to the public of Dos and Donts in Alice Springs. Brendan Heenan Alice Springs Town should feed hungry Sir, No one can disagree that Council is faced with social problems in this town. What can be disputed is the way these problems are being addressed. A major problem is the consequence of bureaucratic Canberra decisions. It has been decided by infinitely wise powers-that-be to force people to leave their dry communities, where they feel safe and can contain drinking problems, and to travel to town on a regular basis. They are forced to come here, and many get on the grog. There is nowhere to stay, so they camp. People are hungry, so they humbug. So, Council has a challenge, and a choice. They can come up with truly creative outcomes which meet needs and increase a sense of community. Nowhere to stay? Provide safe, grog-free, camping areas. Hungry? Give them something to eat. It is not the communitys mandate to stand in judgment regarding why people are hungry. Or they can set in place punitive measures which further alienate the already marginalised and disempowered, and perpetuate community divisions. History reveals that when society identifies and marginalises a p a r t i c u l a r s o c i o economic group, and begins a process of increased devaluation of the worth and value of certain individuals, with the perception that some people are more dispensable than others, it is initiating a downward slide into a regime of disregard for human rights. How ironic that this town has become home to refugees escaping such regimes and now their safe haven is confronted with these current bylaws. And sadly, visitors to town are noting the blatant racism exercised by security guards in our shopping malls. I do believe that Damien Ryan and the majority of the aldermen genuinely desire to do what is best for this town. Nevertheless, we are moving into a situation where the homeless and hungry are punished. Dont shoot our wounded. Gayle Gardner Alice Springs Think it through Sir, The proposed fence around Braitling school playground to prevent vandalism will also prevent community access to what is by far the best, most accessible, wellshaded play area in the area. My family, like others, uses this park frequently. It is an arena for exercise, activity, family time and meeting others. Preventing public access to the playground will affect the health, happiness and connectedness of the Northside community themselves important issues in addressing crime prevention. The Braitling School must consider all the impacts a fence would have. The school, Council, and community groups should work together to find a solution which allows continued public access. A. Gilfillan Not to be messed with Sir, Regarding Alison Anderson possibly leaving Labor and joining the CLP. What a great idea! When she was the Minister for Central Australia, she was a very good advocate for people here and was not afraid to speak her mind. She wanted everyone to work together for the benefit of the town and its people. Imagine if she joined up with Jodeen Carney, who has been a powerful advocate for our town. The two of them on the same side would guarantee Alice Springs gets looked after. It would be fabulous and no one would mess with these strong women! I urge anyone who knows Alison to get on the phone and encourage her to leave the party that has failed the people of Alice Springs and join forces with those who actually care about our town and who will deliver for us. (Then they can ring and cast a vote for Fiona OLoughlin) D. Johnson Alice Springs Her aim is true Sir, Once again Alison Anderson has shown herself to be a person who makes decisions based on the principle of standing up for her electorate. In the past she has been at odds with her party because she does what is right rather than yield to what is expedient or politically correct. I commend her for her courage in standing for the principles in which she believes. If all our politicians followed her example we would have a richer community, state and nation. Allen Steel Event spoilers Sir, Public venues are exactly that, but that does not mean it has to disintegrate into a melee due to the consumption of alcohol. If alcohol affects you in a way that you are incapable of intelligent behaviour do not go out but then the venues will suffer, with low patronage. Its just a shame that an advertised event has to be marred with an act of stupidity, due to alcohol. Venues will have to start selling their alcohol in plastic containers to save on equipment and injuries, if anti-social behaviour keeps up. To those who drink to anti-social levels, just bear in mind there are other people out there who are also there to enjoy themselves without the complications of alcohol. Aaron Perkins-Kemp Berger

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