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Parliamentary record : Part I debates (16 August 1990)



Parliamentary record : Part I debates (16 August 1990)


Debates for 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990; ParliamentNT; Parliamentary Record; 5th Assembly 1987 - 1990




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DEBATES - Thursday 16 Au~ust 1990 salary, travel and other costs for 6 consultancies in Swaziland, Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. These education officers are providing expertise and are conducting educational workshops in agriculture, educational material development, science and home economics. There is one field that we have been unable to develop ,as we wanted. I refer to distance education. It is a shame that the federal government has ignored logic in relation to the establishment ofa distance education centre in Darwin. Throughout Australia, a select few universities provide courses externally through distance education modes of delivery. As part of the White Paper on Higher Education - and I have raised this on other occasions - the federal government put a stri ctl imit on the number of di stance educat i on provi ders. We submitted a proposal that one of those centres be established in the Territory because we could see the tremendous potential with our near neighbours to the north and in providing opportunities for the whole of the Northern Territory to take part. Courses of this kind are essential for people in isolated parts of Australia and therefore it is unjust that, under the federal scheme, the Northern Territory University - and I do not want to use the word 'never' - is unable to provide courses of that type. That is plainly less than satisfactory and I hope that the matter is pursued with a little more 'vigour. The priorities and even the issues being studied are often of less relevance than those which would be available with courses offered at the Northern Territory University. For example, a teacher at Borroloola might choose the University College of Southern Queensland as the source for his or her course. Obviously, the environment at Toowoomba is nothing like the environment for teachers at Borroloola or anywhere else in the Territory. I wou 1 d li ke other members of the Assemb ly to take up that matter. The provision of education via the satellite has 'tremendous potential and that must be pursued with a great deal more vigour. . Much more could have been achieved had we had even a reasonable amount of support from the oppos it i on in re 1 at i on to the estab 1 i shment of the university. There was much more that we could have done if we had had support from the federal government. lam not speaking about providing opportunities for the Territory only, but for the rest of Australia, and opportunities for our university to form part of a network that would work together. We have the ideal situation to establish a centre for linguistics, Asian studies and tourism. A whole range of things could be developed here in the Northern Territory that would help to form a total network that would be of benefit to Australia, not only to the Northern Territory people. So many doors are waiting to be opened, as the Leader of the Opposition said initially. Members opposite are now beginning to realise that there is tremendous potential in relation to the exporting of education and health services. The government has acknowledged that all along but we are very pleased to see that at last members of the opposition are starting to realise this, and I hope ,their support will be given in the future. The centre that is being established is a good development for the Territory and I am very pleased that the university has been successful in winning this contract. I support the statement. Mr TIPILOURA (Arafura): Mr Speaker, I will be brief in speaking to the statement. The initiative is good one and the Northern Territory Labor Party fully supports it. Labor's North Australian Economic Community will ensure that, together with Queensl and and Western Austral i a, the Northern Territory and the north of Australia will continue to contribute to the 9889