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20020624_healthconnect.pdf.jpg24-Jun-2002$1 million for Katherine 'Healthconnect'-Aagaard, Jane
20030214_cota.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2003125% increase in COTA funding rejected-Aagaard, Jane
20030714_respite.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2003$140,000 respite care program tender awarded-Aagaard, Jane
20031207_healthequipment.pdf.jpg7-Dec-2003$2.8 million worth of health equipment for NT-Aagaard, Jane
Aagaard.070207.Portrait_of_a_senior_territorian.pdf.jpg8-Feb-20072007 Portrait of a Senior Territorian Art Award launch-Aagaard, Jane
20030509_ability.pdf.jpg9-May-200324 hour response service for people with disabilities-Aagaard, Jane
20030921_katherinehospital.pdf.jpg21-Sep-2003$250,000 to refurbish Katherine Hospital-Aagaard, Jane
20011126_health.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2001$34 million increase in health budget-Aagaard, Jane
20030712_hospital.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2003$40 million hospital facelift revealed today-Aagaard, Jane
20020710_rdh.pdf.jpg10-Jul-2002$40 million Royal Darwin Hospital upgrade on schedule-Aagaard, Jane
20030523_oralhealth.pdf.jpg23-May-2003$400,000 boost to oral health funding-Aagaard, Jane
20030520_childprotection.pdf.jpg20-May-2003$500,000 for child protection-Aagaard, Jane
20031205_childprotectionfunding.pdf.jpg5-Dec-2003$53.8 million record injection into child protection system-Aagaard, Jane
20030525_health.pdf.jpg25-May-2003$7.2 million boost to mental health funding-Aagaard, Jane
20011127_nurses.pdf.jpg27-Nov-2001Aagaard announces nurses incentives-Aagaard, Jane
20030502_ahca.pdf.jpg2-May-2003Aagaard attacks high handed attitude of Commonwealth Government over hospital funding-Aagaard, Jane
20030728_dentist.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2003Aagaard calls for action on national dentist shortages-Aagaard, Jane
20030731_outcomes.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2003Aagaard joins State and Territory Health Ministers to lobby Federal Government-Aagaard, Jane
20011120_tiwi.pdf.jpg20-Nov-2001Aagaard rescues Tiwi Health Board-Aagaard, Jane
20030212_health.pdf.jpg12-Feb-2003Aeromedical service in Tennant Creek and private hospital wing Alice Springs Hospital-Aagaard, Jane