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Carney.010507.Billion_dollar_failure.pdf.jpg1-May-2007$1.1 billion worth of questions-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
2102_JC_1600_patients_on_wait_list_2005.pdf.jpg21-Feb-20051600 now on wait list for surgery at Alice Springs Hospital-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
Carney.140806._2000_federal_and_1000_territory_lpg_conversion_cost.pdf.jpg14-Aug-2006$2,000 Federal Grant plus $1,000 Territory Rebate would remove the cost of LPG Conversion and could cut Territory family fuel bills tomorrow-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
011205_AUD50m_profit_for_arts,_carney.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2005$50 million transfer to deceive Territorians-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
Carney-281107-Counting_Councils.pdf.jpg28-Nov-20078, 9, ... knockout-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
1808_JC_ABN_Amro_changes_could_spell_uncertainty_for_Waterfront.pdf.jpg18-Aug-2005ABN Amro Morgan's Capital Finance Division acquired - is the Waterfront affected?-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
140706_Carney_-_Martin_should_sack_Kiely.pdf.jpg14-Jul-2006Actions not words Ms Martin-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
270406_Carney_African_Mahogany_Ban.pdf.jpg27-Apr-2006African Mahogany legislation will need to be examined-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
Carney-031007-Crime_statistics.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2007An alarming escalation of assaults-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
Carney-160508-Alice_abandoned_again.pdf.jpg16-May-2008Alice abandoned again-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
141205_Alice_Quarterly_crime_stats,_Carney.pdf.jpg14-Dec-2005Alice assaults up by 15% from last year-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
0411_jc_alice_ward_closures.pdf.jpg4-Nov-2004Alice facing ward closures and critical nurse shortage and Minister disappears without a word-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
1112_jc_customary_marriage.pdf.jpg11-Dec-2003ALP & CLP at one on customary marriage-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
Carney-031007-Council_amalgamation_dissent.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2007Amalgamating dissent-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
1104_JC_Ambulance_Service_threatened_while_Labor_spends_up_big_on_itself.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2005Ambulance service in jeopardy while Labor spends up big on self-promotion-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
0612_jc_health_blowout.pdf.jpg6-Dec-2004Another blow out in health-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
Carney.220607.Another_wasted_week.pdf.jpg22-Jun-2007Another wasted week in a year of costly delay-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
Carney-140408-Appointment_of_new_Governor-General_welcomed.pdf.jpg14-Apr-2008Appointment of new Governor-General welcomed-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
050706_Carney_-_Assaults_on_Emergency_Workers.pdf.jpg5-Jul-2006Attack on fire fighters highlights need for CLP bill-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy
1412_jc_facts_sexual_assault.pdf.jpg14-Dec-2004Attorney General must face the facts on sexual assault-Carney, Jodeen Request Copy