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20020718_mango.pdf.jpg18-Jul-2002$0.5 million sealed road to benefit mango growers-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
hendo.0107.HomeNorthExtra.pdf.jpg1-Jul-20051 July 'Homenorth Extra' to follow record housing year-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
hendo.mcadam.2305.TCKPatersonStRenewal.pdf.jpg23-May-2005$1 million facelift for gateway to the Barkly-McAdam, Elliot; Henderson, Paul Request Copy
Henderson.020407.Wanguri_Upgrades_and_Expansion.pdf.jpg2-Apr-2007$1 million for growth in our northern suburbs-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
20020814_marketing.pdf.jpg14-Aug-2002$1 million funding boost for international marketing-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
hendo_1610_nakara_stage_one.pdf.jpg16-Oct-2006$1 million Nakara Primary upgrade opened-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
hendo.2306.abs_statistics.pdf.jpg23-Jun-200510-year low in unlawful entries-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
20040623_more_police.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2004109 more police-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
20020727_abtourism.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2002$115,000 to develop Aboriginal Tourism Strategy-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
20020611_camels.pdf.jpg11-Jun-2002120 Territory camels "go home"-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
20040218_economy.pdf.jpg18-Feb-200413,000 cruise ship visitors keep NT economy moving ahead-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
20020718_agricultural.pdf.jpg18-Jul-2002$135,000 NT Government grant to assist Katherine agricultural industry-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
hendo.0610.squad_82.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2005137 more police officers in the Territory-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
hendo.2010.new_migrant_residents_ASP.pdf.jpg20-Oct-2005147 new residents through skilled migration-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
hendo.1804.telstra_call_centre.pdf.jpg18-Apr-2005150 new jobs for Territorians-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
20040318_dcisapprentices.pdf.jpg18-Mar-200416 new apprentices start work-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
hendo.3003.squad_80_graduation.pdf.jpg30-Mar-200520 new police officers hit the beat-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
hendo.1108.squad_81_graduation.pdf.jpg11-Aug-200520 officers hit the beat around the Territory-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
20020403_mango.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2002$200 million mango boom predicted for next decade-Henderson, Paul Request Copy
20020917_telstra.pdf.jpg17-Sep-20022002 Telstra Business Women's Awards-Henderson, Paul Request Copy