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WRD61014.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1961Adelaide River dam site proposal field investigation reportAdelaide River dam; D. KneeboneKneebone, D.; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority. Water Resources Division Request Copy
WRD64027.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1964Bullo River Station. Field officers report Inspection and investigation-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD64028.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1964Coolibah Station - field inspection report-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD62008.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1962Darwin Water Supply Investigation. Topography of Sites of berry Proposal.-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD64030.pdf.jpg1-Jul-1964Dunmarra Station - request for advice-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD64026.pdf.jpg1-Sep-1964Fitzroy Station - inspection of irrigation area and potential damsite - Skull Creek-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD64036.pdf.jpg1-Aug-1964Hooker Creek Welfare settlement DLH-609-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD64031.pdf.jpg1-Jul-1964Jindare Station - field officers report-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD67026.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1967Kurundi Station - Field Inspection. Opal Creek Dam site, Stockwater & Irrigation Water supplies-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD65024.pdf.jpg1-Apr-1965Oenpelli Mission - Fish Creek Water Supply DLH-329 potential-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD60017.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1960Reconnaissance of the Roper River mission area DLH-633-Brooks, B.; Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD60016.pdf.jpg1-May-1960Roper River mission water resources DLH-633 investigation-field trip-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD60019.pdf.jpg1-Mar-1960Rose River mission - water resources DLH-549 investigation and survey. Field trip report.-Kneebone, D.; Augustine, P. Request Copy
WRD65023.pdf.jpg1-Aug-1964Surface Water Investigation - Douglas River catchment as part of Daly River investigations-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD61016.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1961Survey of damsite and basin Wigley Gorge Todd River, Alice Springs-Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRD63021.pdf.jpg1-Jan-1963SW reconnaissance of Roper and Wilton River Area-Brooks, B.; Kneebone, D. Request Copy
WRA60003.pdf.jpg1-Mar-1960Technical Report: Hermannsburg Mission, DLH-043 Recommended Dam Site No. Survey Field Trip and Design.-Kneebone, D. Request Copy