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WRD94013.pdf.jpg1995Aileron excision : bore completion report RN 16374-16379,16381,16382I. MatthewsMatthews, Ian Request Copy
WRA94003.pdf.jpg1994Alice Springs town basin : bore completion report RN 16355 - 16358-Matthews, Ian; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority Request Copy
Alice Springs town basin - construction of irrigation bores.pdf.jpg1991Alice Springs town basin, construction of irrigation bores-Matthews, Ian; Rooke, Eric; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority. Hydrogelogist. Water Resources Branch Request Copy
WRD93059.pdf.jpg1994Alpurrurulam (Lake Nash): production bore RN 16227Ian Matthews; Alpurrurulam (Lake Nash) production bore dlh-203 rn 16227.Matthews, Ian; Northern Territory. Power and Water Corporation Request Copy
WRD93037.pdf.jpg1-Aug-1993Assessment of the Usefulness of NOAA-AVHRR Satellite Imagery for monitoring the extent of flooding for large internal drainage systems in the Northern Territory. Proceedings of the NARGIS forum Darwin-Stewart, T.; Matthews, Ian; Tickell, S. J.; Yin Foo, Desmond; Brook, Amanda Request Copy
WRA92007.pdf.jpg1-Nov-1992Bonya groundwater investigation 1992-Berry, K.; Matthews, Ian Request Copy
Finke_(Aputula)_RN_15900_-_Bore_Completion_Report.pdf.jpg1993Finke (Aputula) RN 15900 : bore completion reportIan MatthewsMatthews, Ian Request Copy
Hydrogeology_of_Delamere_1250,000_Scale_Map_Explanatory_Notes.pdf.jpg1-Jun-1997Hydrogeology of Delamere : 1:250 000 scale map explanatory notesIan MatthewsMatthews, Ian Request Copy
WRA96052.pdf.jpg1-Jun-1997Hydrogeology of the Great Artesian Basin In the Northern TerritoryIan MatthewsMatthews, Ian; Northern Territory. Dept Of Lands, Planning And Environment Request Copy
WRD00019.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2001Hydrogeology of the Sturt plateau 1:250 000 scale map explanatory notes.-Yin Foo, Des; Matthews, Ian Request Copy
WRD98021.pdf.jpg1-Oct-1998Railway Corridor Land Acquisition, Bore Drilling Program - Alice Springs to Darwin-Matthews, Ian Request Copy
WRA92006.pdf.jpg1-Nov-1992Santa Teresa Borefield and Groundwater Source Review-Berry, K.; Matthews, Ian Request Copy
WRD00031.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2000Water Resources Assessment of the Sturt Plateau - Technical data.-Yin Foo, Des; Matthews, Ian Request Copy
WRA97037.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1998Water Resources Assessment Project, Barkly/Gulf Region, National Landcare Program, Drilling, Geophysical Logging & Test Pumping Report, Map Study Regions 1 and 2-Matthews, Ian; Rooke, Eric Request Copy
Water_resources_of_East_Arnhem_Land_General_02-1999D.pdf.jpg1-Jan-1999Water resources of East Arnhem Land-Matthews, Ian; Prowse, Geoff; Zaar, Ursula; Northern Territory. Department of Lands, Planning And Environment. Natural Resources Division Request Copy
WRD95042.pdf.jpg1-Oct-1995Wuyagiba community groundwater resource evaluation-Matthews, Ian Request Copy