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WRD90021.pdf.jpg1989Adelaide River town floodplain mapping-Paiva, Jerome; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority Request Copy
WRD01053.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2001Bees creek flood study hydraulic investigation-Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD93106.pdf.jpg1-Jul-1993Coomalielitchfield floodplain mapping adelaide river sectionPaiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD94033.pdf.jpg1-Feb-1994Coomalie/litchfield floodplain mapping batchelor/coomalie creek section-Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD00024.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2000Daly river community flood study-Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD93026.pdf.jpg1-Apr-1993Darwin river dam safe yield improvement hanna's pool diversion-Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD91026.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1991East Alligator district centre water supply assessment : Kakadu National ParkD . PidsleyJamieson, M.; Pidsley, D.; Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
Edith Ferguson irrigation water availability.pdf.jpg1994Edith Fergusson irrigation water availability-Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
Edith_Fergusson_Irrigation_Water_Availability.pdf.jpg1-Sep-1994Edith Fergusson irrigation water availabilityJerome PaivaPaiva, Jerome Request Copy
Finnis_River_Floodplain_Mapping.pdf.jpg1-Feb-1993Finnis River floodplain mappingFinniss River floodplain mapping; Jerome PaivaPaiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD03003.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2004Finniss - Dundee and Cox Peninsula Water Resources Investigation 2002.-Humphreys, G.; Knapton, Anthony; Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD98024.pdf.jpg1-Dec-1998Flood forecasting performance katherinedaly rivers, january 1998.Childs, John; Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD99011.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2000Flood forecasting procedures manual-Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
Katherine_Downstream_Horticultural_Water_Supply_Weirs_and_Offstream_Storages.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1995Katherine downstream horticultural water supply : weirs and offstream storages /‚Äč Jerome Paiva-Paiva, Jerome; Northern Territory. Water Resources Division Request Copy
WRD96042.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1998Katherine levees-Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD91054.pdf.jpg1-Sep-1991Marrakai dam yield study-Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD92032.pdf.jpg1-Feb-1992Mount bennett dam yield reassessment-Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD03015.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2003Remote location flood forecasting telecommunication workshop 23-24 july 2002-Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
WRD95061.pdf.jpg1-Oct-1995Rorb Model Parameters for Ungauged NT Catchments Interim Report-Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
Tiwi_Is_Water_Resource_Assessment_Report_04-2010D_.pdf.jpg2010Tiwi islands water resource assessmentPatrick Gray, Jerome PaivaGray, Patrick; Paiva, Jerome; Northern Territory. Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport. Water Resource Branch Request Copy