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WRD91030.pdf.jpg1-Oct-1991Adelaide river township groundwater supply augmentation investigations-Verma, M. N.; Martin, K.; Pidsley, D. Request Copy
WRD95029.pdf.jpg1995Bore Completion Reports, Replacement Production Bores 29796 & 29092 and Replacement Observation Bores 29797, 29798, 29799 & 29093.-Pidsley, D.; Kunde, B.; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority Request Copy
WRD91026.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1991East Alligator district centre water supply assessment : Kakadu National ParkD . PidsleyJamieson, M.; Pidsley, D.; Paiva, Jerome Request Copy
Investigation_and_Development_of_Groundwater_Irrigation_Source_for_Lot_3252,_Venn_Horticultural_Subdiv.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1987Investigation and development of groundwater irrigation source for Lot 3252, Venn horticutural subdivisionD. Pidsley; Venn horticultural subdivision : Investigation and development of groundwater irrigation source for Lot 3252Pidsley, D.; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority Request Copy
Jabiru_Groundwater_Supply_Assessment_-_Nanambu_Creek_Region_1986_-_1987.pdf.jpg1990Jabiru groundwater supply assessment : Nanambu Creek Region (1986-1987)Nanambu Creek Region (1986-1987) groundwater supply assessmentPidsley, D.; Northern Territory. Power and Water Authority. Water Resources Division Request Copy
WRD90032.pdf.jpg1-Aug-1990Jabiru groundwater supply assessment, nanambu creek region 1986-1987.-Pidsley, D. Request Copy
WRD92049.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1992Jabiru Township water supply : Nanambu Creek borefield drilling : construction, testing and recommendations of RN 28350B. Kunde and D. PidsleyKunde, B.; Pidsley, D.; Power and Water Authority. Water Resources Division Request Copy
WRD96101.pdf.jpg1-Nov-1996Landuse impacts to Water Resources Survey 1996 Litchfield Shire Ratepayers. Undertaken as part of the Public Interaction Activities associated with the joint NT Government and NLP funded project Appraisal of Impacts to Water Resources - Darwin Rural Area-Pidsley, D. Request Copy
WRD92046.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1992Miniyeri groundwater resources investigation dlh-624 1991-1992.-Jamieson, M.; Pidsley, D. Request Copy
WRD91040.pdf.jpg1-Aug-1991Nabalco borefield review 1991.-Jolly, P.; Pidsley, D. Request Copy
WRD85012.pdf.jpg1-Aug-1984Nabarlek shallow aquifer model.-Pidsley, D. Request Copy
WRD92025.pdf.jpg1-Dec-1992Nhulunbuy Township Groundwater Investigation DLH- for Irrigation Water Supply-Karp, Danuta; Pidsley, D. Request Copy
WRD89002.pdf.jpg1-Apr-1989Pine Creek Tabletop: Reconnaissance Drilling and Supply Feasibility Evaluation 1988.-Pidsley, D. Request Copy
WRD89003.pdf.jpg1-Mar-1989Pine creek water supply augmentation - esmeralda rd borefield evaluation & development.-Pidsley, D. Request Copy
WRD92044.pdf.jpg1-Sep-1992Rehabilitation of Production Bores Nabalco Borefield 1992.-Stall, B.; Pidsley, D. Request Copy
WRD87015.pdf.jpg1-Sep-1987Review of Groundwater Resource Data Gathering, following the formation of PAWA.-Jolly, P.; Pidsley, D. Request Copy
WRD87038.pdf.jpg1-Sep-1987Review of Northern Territory Water Resources assessment-Verhoeven, T. J.; Jolly, P. B.; Stewart, B. J.; Pidsley, D. Request Copy