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-A new species of mesonivirus from the Northern Territory, Australia.-Warrilow, David; Watterson, Daniel; Hall, Roy A; Davis, Steven S; Weir, Richard; Kurucz, Nina; Whelan, Peter; Allcock, Richard; Hall-Mendelin, Sonja; O'Brien, Caitlin A; Hobson-Peters, Jody Request Copy
-Evidence in Australia for a case of airport dengue.-Whelan, Peter; Nguyen, Huy; Hajkowicz, Krispin; Davis, Josh; Smith, David; Pyke, Alyssa; Krause, Vicki; Markey, Peter Request Copy
-Holding back the tiger: Successful control program protects Australia from Aedes albopictus expansion.-Muzari, Mutizwa Odwell; Devine, Gregor; Davis, Joseph; Crunkhorn, Bruce; van den Hurk, Andrew; Whelan, Peter; Russell, Richard; Walker, James; Horne, Peter; Ehlers, Gerhard; Ritchie, Scott Request Copy
-Land use and biting insects : medical entomology recommendations on land use in the Finniss River area-Whelan, Peter; Medical Entomology Branch; Department of Health and Community Services Request Copy
-Personal protection from mosquitoes and biting midges in the NT-Department of Health; Whelan, Peter Request Copy
WRD82002.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1982Pine creek surface water investigation. Volumes 1 & 2-Port, Graeme; Boland, Kevin; Marquardt, Andreas; Weber, Berndt; Britten, Robert; Poll, Grant; Lucas, Stuart; Whelan, Peter Request Copy
-Scrub typhus in the Northern Territory: exceeding the boundaries of Litchfield National Park.-Ralph, Anna; Raines, Mark; Whelan, Peter; Currie, Bart J Request Copy