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-A 16-year prospective study of community-onset bacteremic Acinetobacter pneumonia: low mortality with appropriate initial empirical antibiotic protocols.-Davis, Joshua S; McMillan, Mark; Swaminathan, Ashwin; Kelly, John A; Piera, Kim E; Baird, Robert W; Currie, Bart J; Anstey, Nicholas M
-A 42-year-old man presented with adrenal incidentaloma due to non-classic congenital adrenal hyperplasia with a novel CYP21A2 mutation.-Falhammar, H; Torpy, D J
PH1058-0069.jpg.jpg-A Bower-bird's Playground--
-A call for ACEM to act on gender inequity in our training programme: A female perspective.-Thiemt, Danika
-A case of encephalitis in central Australia due to Ross River virus?-Lucas, R E; Qiao, M
-A case of fatal disseminated Apophysomyces elegans infection in a renal allograft recipient.-Rasiah, S; Fernandes, K David; Sajiv, C T; Pawar, B
-A case of intrapartum fetal arrhythmia creating difficulties in cardiotocograph interpretation.-Gray, J
A_Case_Study_Berrimah_Business_Park_Stormwater_Management_and_Planning_Issues.PDF.jpg21-Feb-2013A Case study: Berrimah Business Park stormwater Management and Planning IssuesTabled paper 259Northern Territory. Environment Proctecton Authority
-A clinical audit of the efficacy of tegaserod as a prokinetic agent in the intensive care unit.-Stephens, Dianne P; Thomas, Jane H; Collins, Sarah J; Goldrick, Paul B; Fowler, Stephen
-A clinical audit of the efficacy of tegaserod as a prokinetic agent in the intensive care unit.-Stephens, Dianne P; Thomas, Jane H; Collins, Sarah J; Goldrick, Paul B; Fowler, Stephen
-A cluster of culture positive gonococcal infections but with false negative cppB gene based PCR.-Lum, G; Freeman, K; Nguyen, N L; Limnios, E A; Tabrizi, S N; Carter, I; Chambers, I W; Whiley, D M; Sloots, T P; Garland, S M; Tapsall, J W
-A cluster of melioidosis cases from an endemic region is clonal and is linked to the water supply using molecular typing of Burkholderia pseudomallei isolates.-Currie, B J; Mayo, M; Anstey, N M; Donohoe, P; Haase, A; Kemp, D J
-A cost-consequences analysis of a midwifery group practice for Aboriginal mothers and infants in the top end of the Northern Territory, Australia.-Gao, Yu; Gold, Lisa; Josif, Cath; Bar-Zeev, Sarah; Steenkamp, Malinda; Barclay, Lesley; Zhao, Yuejen; Tracy, Sally; Kildea, Sue
-A crop of mango dermatitis in the Northern Territory.-Sargent, William; Ferguson, Paula
-A cross sectional study of how people diagnosed with a bacterial sexually transmitted infection inform their partners.-Knight, Vickie; Ryder, Nathan; Bourne, Chris; McNulty, Anna
-A dissection and computer tomograph study of tarsal coalitions in 100 cadaver feet.-Solomon, L B; Rühli, F J; Taylor, J; Ferris, L; Pope, R; Henneberg, M
-A double-blind randomized controlled trial of ibuprofen compared to placebo for uncomplicated cellulitis of the upper or lower limb.-Davis, J S; Mackrow, C; Binks, P; Fletcher, W; Dettwiller, P; Marshall, C; Day, J; Pratt, W; Tong, S Y C
-A framework for overcoming disparities in management of acute coronary syndromes in the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population. A consensus statement from the National Heart Foundation of Australia.-Ilton, Marcus K; Walsh, Warren F; Brown, Alex D H; Tideman, Philip A; Zeitz, Christopher J; Wilson, Jinty
-A geospatial evaluation of Aedes vigilax larval control efforts across a coastal wetland, Northern Territory, Australia.-Kurucz, N; Whelan, P I; Carter, J M; Jacups, S P
A_Guide_to_Tourism_Business_Dept_of_Industries_and_Business.PDF.jpg16-Aug-2000A Guide to Tourism Business Dept of Industries and BusinessTabled Paper 2034-