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IndigenousDeathsChronicDisease.pdf.jpg7-Aug-2006Long-term trends in indigenous deaths from chronic diseases in the Northern Territory: a foot on the brake, a foot on the accelerator-Thomas, David; Condon, John; Anderson, Ian; Li, Shu Qin; Halpin, Stephen; Cunningham, Joan; Guthridge, Steve
cancer_register_data_collection.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2004Northern Territory cancer register: data collection, analysis and reporting procedures-Condon, John; Zhao, Yuejen
cancer_report.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2006Cancer survival, Northern Territory, 1991-2001-Condon, John; Lee, Hock; Garling, Lindy
mothers_babies_1986.pdf.jpg1-Jan-1998Trends in the health of mothers and babies: Northern Territory 1986-95-Markey, Peter; D'Espaignet, Edouard; Condon, John; Woods, Maxene
Women's_Cancer__Screening_20121105_updated.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2012Women's cancers and cancer screening in the Northern TerritoryNT women's cancer and cancer screening (running title)Zhang, Xiaohua; Condon, John; Douglas, Fiona; Bates, Di; Guthridge, Steve; Garling, Lindy; Enciso, Guillermo; Chondur, Ramakrishna
AMI9204.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2009Incidence and survival after acute myocardial infarction in indigenous and non-indigenous people in the Northern Territory, 1992-2004-You, Jiqiong; Condon, John; Zhao, Yuejen; Guthridge, Steve
morbidity_dataset_1997.pdf.jpg26-Feb-1998Northern Territory hospital morbidity dataset: validation of demographic data, 1997-Condon, John; Williams, Desley; Pearce, Michael; Moss, Elizabeth
Hospital_Admission_WebReady.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2011Hospital Admissions in the Northern Territory, 1976 - 2008-Li, Shu Qin; Pircher, Sabine; Guthridge, Steve; Condon, John; Wright, Jo
Cancer_Internals.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2007Northern Territory cancer incidence and mortality by region, 1991-2003-Condon, John; Zhang, Xiaohua; Li, Shu Qin; Garling, Lindy
cancer_register_data_quality_1981_2001.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2004Northern Territory Cancer Register data quality, 1981-2001-Condon, John; Zhao, Yuejen; Armstrong, Barbara; Barnes, Tony