Australia - [The Movie] True Stories

The Northern Territory Library provided images to 'Australia – The Movie' for use on the movie set.

'Territory Stories' is a repository containing documents, images and other relevant materials, to record the history and development of the Northern Territory from the early days, to the present.

'Territory Stories' houses the 'PictureNT' collection from where these images were chosen.

This unique collection of images inspires and contributes to our understanding of who we are, and where we came from.

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PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
17862.JPG.jpg-Army-- Request Copy
PH0832-0008.tif.jpg1-Oct-1944Billy tea stop-- Request Copy
07880.JPG.jpg1-Jan-1942Bomb damage-- Request Copy
37909.JPG.jpg28-Feb-1942Bomb damage-- Request Copy
29682.JPG.jpg-Buildings-- Request Copy
PH0323-0043.jpg.jpg-Camels-- Request Copy
29082.JPG.jpg1-Jan-1930Camp-- Request Copy
PH0002-0164.tif.jpg1-Jan-1905Chinese Merchants-- Request Copy
34387.JPG.jpg-Crowd-- Request Copy
PH0429-0171.tif.jpg-Drover-- Request Copy
35591.JPG.jpg-Drovers-- Request Copy
PH0412-0162.tif.jpg-Gilruth family-- Request Copy
PH0002-0131.tif.jpg1-Jan-1911Government Resident-Foelsche, P. (Paul), 1831-1914 Request Copy
PH0345-0151.tif.jpg1-Jan-1920Group photograph taken at Government House-- Request Copy
34704.JPG.jpg1-Jan-1940Gun-- Request Copy
PH0290-0133.jpg.jpg1-Jan-1928Horsedrawn cart-- Request Copy
PH0110-0651.tif.jpg1-Jan-1915Men-Barnes, W. J. Request Copy
10386.JPG.jpg-National Emergency Services Civil Defence-Skerry, Alma Request Copy
17863.JPG.jpg-Soldiers-- Request Copy
34693.JPG.jpg1-Jan-1940Soldiers-- Request Copy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Title in Ascending order): 1 to 20 of 26