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The Kormilda College site has had 4 major uses since 1942. Our images are of the period of time prior to 1989.

The War Years 1942-45

107 Army General Hospital occupied the site from 1942 -1945 providing a hospital service for civilians, Japanese prisoners of war and army personnel. The Australian graves were later taken to the Adelaide River War cemetery.

The Luxury Years Approx. 1946 - 1966

Qantas utilised the site post-war to provide a welcome rest for passengers journeying to England and Europe.

Kormilda College 1967 – 1988

In March 1964, Betty H Watts and Jim D Gallacher released their report on Aboriginal schooling in the Northern Territory aka Watts/Gallacher Report.

“progress towards assimilation does not necessarily imply cultural unity. Modern societies can, and must, tolerate differences within their population; indeed cultural diversity is one of the major means of the enrichment of a society. This justifies a consideration of the Aboriginal culture in planning the educational programme…if it [schooling] ignores the background from which the Aboriginal child draws spiritual and emotional nourishment, it becomes an empty, superficial thing, shut off from the main current of the child’s life and exerting little or no influence upon him.”

The decision to establish Kormilda College was a direct result of its recommendations and efforts to gain full equality of educational opportunity for Aboriginal children. On Monday, 11 September 1967, Kormilda College was opened under the Department of Welfare, NTA with Graeme Benjamin as its first principal.

Kormilda College 1989+

The running of the school was officially handed over to the Anglican and Uniting Church, continuing to grow as both a Day and Boarding Secondary College, but no longer for indigenous students only. From August 24 to Sunday August 30 Kormilda College celebrates 20 years of their management.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 263