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Annie Holtze voted in a landmark election on 2 May 1896. Annie was 37, a teacher married to Nicholas, when she placed her name on the 1895 Electoral Roll, giving her the right to vote. The Northern Territory Times on 1 May 1896 reported large numbers of women voting in that election, with enrolled women out-numbering men in two of the South Australian electorates. The Woman's Suffrage Bill, passed in 1894, meant that South Australian women had become the only Australian women to be able to vote and stand for parliament and, since South Australia was responsible for the Northern Territory at that time, Northern Territory women also gained the franchise.

The women listed below placed their names on the 1895 Electoral Roll so that they could take their part in shaping the new nation of Australia.

Andrews Mary Jane Finniss Rosetta Phillipa Marsh Elsie
Barnett Lillian Flynn Mary Caroline Grace Mayhew Mary Anne
Beasley Sarah Ann Foelsche Charlotte Georgina Messenger Elizabeth
Beckwith Ruth Fryer Fanny Morris May
Braitling Amelia Gibson Blanch Murphy Ellen
Brookes Albina Giles Mary Augusta Myles Anne
Brown Harriett Ellen Green Beatrice Nathan S.
Budgen Florence Alice Gregg Alice Norcock Harriett
Byrne Elizabeth Ann Hart Margaret Norcock Isabella Mary
Byrne Johanna Haynes Frances O'Flaherty Susannah
Byrne Maggie Henderson Ann Pett Catherine
Callaghan Alice Adeline Holtze Annie Pinder Marion
Carberry Elizabeth Jane James Florence Eva Pott Gertrude Emily
Christie Jane Jolly Ada Bella Raymond Edith Matilda
Clark Harriett Ellen Jones Ann Ryan Ellen
Cleland Caroline Jones Emily Ada Ryland Eliza
Connelly Henrietta Kell Isabella Jane Schunke Rebecca Annie
Costello Catherine Kelsey Frances Madeline Jane Spain Elizabeth
Costello Mary Kilian Amelia Albertina Stevens Rosie Emma
Costello Mary Josepine Kilian Amelia Ernestine Stretton Alice
Craig Elizabeth Kirkland Margaret Style Eleanor
Day Maggie Knott Jane Trewren Mary
Devine Ann Isabella Lawrie Edith Tuckwell Eliza
Dolan Anna Elizabeth Lindsay Mary Waters Anna Maria Woide
Dow Anna Mary Littleton Jeanie Williams Sarah
Doyle Hannah Maria Lynes Christiana Wilson Lily
Elliott Mary Agnes Marsh Belle Wood Hannah Maria
Mary Anne

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-Eileen Mary Neenan-Neenan, Eileen Mary; Elcock, Eileen Request Copy
-Amelia Ernestina Kilian-Kilian, Amelia Ernastina Request Copy
-Catherine Pett-Pett, Catherine; Cooper, Catherine Request Copy
-Isabella Mary Norcock-Norcock, Isabella Mary; Jenkins, Isabella Mary Request Copy
-Eliza Tuckwell-Tuckwell, Eliza; Hemming, Eliza Request Copy
-Belle Marsh-Marsh, Belle; Kelsey, Isabel Request Copy
-Christiana Lynes-Lynes, Christiana; Ashman, Christiana Martha Emery Request Copy
-Alice Adeline Callaghan-Callaghan, Alice Adeline Request Copy
-Harriett Brown-Brown, Harriett Ellen; Wedd, Harriett Ellen Request Copy
-Hannah Doyle-Doyle, Hannah Maria; McKenna, Hannah Maria Request Copy
-Ruth Beckwith-Beckwith, Ruth Agnes; Manthorpe, Ruth Agnes Request Copy
-Lily Wilson-Wilson, Lily Request Copy
-Harriett Norcock-Norcock, Harriett; Bridgeman, Harriett Request Copy
-Ellen Murphy-Murphy, Ellen; Gilroy, Ellen Request Copy
-Mary Lindsay-Lindsay, Mary M; McQuade, Mary M; McGee, Mary M Request Copy
-Albina Brookes-Brookes, Albina Louisa Amelia; Hopkins, Albina Louisa Amelia Request Copy
-Maggie Byrne-Byrne, Maggie Request Copy
-Mary Costello-Costello, Mary Josepine Gertrude Request Copy
-Elizabeth Messenger-Messenger, Elizabeth Jane; Buffham, Elizabeth Jane Request Copy
-Amelia Braitling-Braitling, Amelia Louisa; Richards, Amelia (Minnie) Request Copy
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 380