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Sun Newspapers are free weekly publications for Darwin, Palmerston and Litchfield regions. The front page is different for each title with the remainder of the papers having the same information. The merged .pdf has each front page but only one copy of the remainder. From the 23rd February 2016 there is only 1 front page for all the different regions.

Started from 17th December 2008 to 25 June 2019.

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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 519
PreviewIssue DateTitleOther titleAuthor(s)
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190625_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg25-Jun-2019Sun newspapers Tue 25 Jun 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190618_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg18-Jun-2019Sun newspapers Tue 18 Jun 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190611_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg11-Jun-2019Sun newspapers Tue 11 Jun 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190604_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg4-Jun-2019Sun newspapers Tues 4 Jun 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190528_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg28-May-2019Sun newspapers Tues 28 May 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190521_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg21-May-2019Sun newspapers Tue 21 May 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190507.PDF.jpg7-May-2019Sun newspapers Tue 7 May 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190423.PDF.jpg23-Apr-2019Sun newspapers Tue 23 Apr 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190514_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg14-May-2019Sun newspapers Tue 14 May 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190430_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg30-Apr-2019Sun newspapers Tue 30 Apr 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190416_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg16-Apr-2019Sun newspapers Tue 16 Apr 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190409_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg9-Apr-2019Sun newspapers Tue 9 Apr 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190402_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg2-Apr-2019Sun newspapers Tue 2 Apr 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190326_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg26-Mar-2019Sun newspapers Tue 26 Mar 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190319_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg19-Mar-2019Sun newspapers Tue 19 Mar 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190312_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg12-Mar-2019Sun newspapers Tue 12 Mar 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190305_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg5-Mar-2019Sun newspapers Tue 5 Mar 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190226_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg26-Feb-2019Sun newspapers Tue 26 Feb 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190219_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg19-Feb-2019Sun newspapers Tue 19 Feb 2019--
Darwin Palmerston Sun_20190129_page01_DarwinSun_News_1.PDF.jpg29-Jan-2019Sun newspapers Tue 29 Jan 2019--
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 519