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9-Aug-1994Exploration and mining on Aboriginal land - dispelling the myths-Pearce, D.
7-Dec-1998If you can't beat 'em [Thirty years ago the Yolngu people unsuccessfully opposed a mine on their land, but today they service the needs the mine created]-Ryan, C.
12-Feb-1991Speech to the National Press Club. by Mr Justice Stewart, Chairperson, Resource Assessment Commission-Stewart, Donald E., 1947-
7-Feb-1994What has MIM done right?-Forman, David
1-Aug-1990NT Govt seeks removal of restrictions on growth--
1996Gosses Bluff - a latest Jurassic impact structure, central Australia. Part 2: seismic, magnetic, and gravity studies. by D.J. Milton, B.C Barlow, A.R. Brown, F.J. Moss etc-Milton, D. J.; Barlow, B. C.; Brown, A. R.; Moss, F. J.
1995Managing a shared heritage : Australia Icomos Conference [Darwin, December 1993]-McBryde, Isabel; Blair, Sandy; Feary, Sue; Hughes, Philip; Mitchell, Scot; Sullivan, Marjorie; Mackay, Richard; Ah Kit, John; Whiting, Dean; Ardika, I. Wayan; James, Peter C; Hope, Jeannette
1996Impact structure as potential petroleum exploration targets: Gosses Bluff, a late Jurassic examble in central Australia. by Peter R. Tingle, John F. Lindsay & Susan J. Marshallsea-Tingle, Peter R; Lindsay, John F; Marshallsea, Susan J
1996Thermal history of the Gosses Bluff impact structure, central Australia, from conodont colour-alteration indices: implications for hydrocarbon prospectivity and erosional history-Gorter, John D; Korsch, Russell J; Nicoll, Robert S