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Remuneration_Tribunal_Determination_Travel_Report_Member_for_Johnston_Mr_Ken_Vowles_travel_to_Alice_Springs_to_attend_~_14th_August_2013_pursuant_to_paragraph_4_12_dated_25_November_2013.PDF.jpg27-Nov-2013Remuneration Tribunal Determination: Travel Report Member for Johnston Mr Ken Vowles travel to Alice Springs to attend industry forum in preparation of Tourism Recreation Master Plan 12- 14th August 2013, pursuant to paragraph 4:12 dated 25 November 2013Tabled paper 632-
1337_Jacana_Energy_-_Power_Retail_Corporation_trading_as_Jacana_Energy_Statement_of_Corporate_Intent_2015_16.PDF.jpg30-Apr-2015Jacana Energy- Power Retail Corporation trading as Jacana Energy Statement of Corporate Intent 2015/16Tabled paper 1337-
1624_Independent_Auditor_s_Report_Northern_Territory_Auditor-General_s_Office_Financial_Report_year_ended_30_June_2015.PDF.jpg3-Dec-2015Independent Auditor's Report- Northern Territory Auditor- General's Office- Financial Report year ended 30 June 2015Tabled paper 1624-
Annual_Report_2012_2013_Territory_Insurance_Office_and_Motor_Accidents_Compensation_Year_in_Review_2012_2013.PDF.jpg17-Oct-2013Annual Report 2012/2013 Territory Insurance Office and Motor Accidents Compensation, Year in Review 2012/2013Tabled paper 590-
Annual_Report_2014_2015_Heritage_Council_Northern_Territory.PDF.jpg19-Nov-2015Annual Report 2014/2015 Heritage Council Northern TerritoryTabled paper 1554-
Subordinate_Legislation_No_3_Territory_Parks_and_Wildlife_Conservation_Amendment_By-Laws_2014.PDF.jpg20-Mar-2014Subordinate Legislation No 3 Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Amendment By- Laws 2014Tabled paper 763-
Committee of ~ Report to the Assembly on a Proposal to Table Members  Interests returns and upload the tabled documents on the Assembly Website each year and Tabling Statement, March 2016.PDF.jpg17-Mar-2016Committee of Members' Interest, Report to the Assembly on a Proposal to Table Members' Interests returns and upload the tabled documents on the Assembly Website each year and Tabling Statement, March 2016Tabled paper 1723-
2-6_Table_-_Local_Government_and_Regions_-_Local_Government_Grants_Programs_-_Actual_Grant_Expenditure_up_to_30.PDF.jpg10-Jun-20142.6 Table, Local Government and Regions, Local Government Grants Programs- Actual Grant Expenditure up to 30Tabled paper 869-
3-9_Answer_to_Question_taken_on_Notice_No_3-12_Police_Fire_and_Emergency_Services_Assets_leased_and_Annual_Rent_Liability_as_at_20130131.PDF.jpg19-Jun-20133.9 Answer to Question taken on Notice No 3.12 Police, Fire and Emergency Services Assets leased and Annual Rent Liability as at 31 January 2013Tabled paper 351-
Remuneration Tribunal Report, Travel Report, Member for Arafura Mr Francis ~ planning session with Electorate Officer on 7th October 2014, pursuant to clause 4 12, dated 22 December 2014.PDF.jpg17-Feb-2015Remuneration Tribunal Determination, Travel Report, Member for Arafura, Mr Francis Kurrupuwu, to attend planning session with Electorate Office on 24-25 October 2014, pursuant to clause 4.12, dated 22 December 2014Tabled paper 1227-