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19-May-2004Juvenile Pre-Court Diversion Scheme Northern Territory PoliceTabled paper 1306-
Letter_Various_8_Territorians_to_Ms_J_Carney_The_new_Drug_House_laws_undated.PDF.jpg20-Jun-2002Letter Various (8) Territorians to Ms J Carney. The new 'Drug House' laws undatedTabled paper 426-
Coroners_Act_In_the_matter_of_Coroner_s_Finding_and_Recommendations_into_the_death_of_Bich_Thu_Ngo_pursuant_to_section_46B_dated_24_November_2002.PDF.jpg28-Nov-2002Coroners Act, In the matter of Coroner’s Finding and Recommendations into the death of Bich Thu Ngo, pursuant to section 46B, dated 24 November 2002Tabled paper 724-
Letter_Hon_Dr_Peter_Toyne_MLA_to_Ms_Jodeen_Carney_MLA_._Proposal_for_Carney_consideration_of_jurors_outside_of_panel_sitting_dated_30_May_2002.PDF.jpg19-Jun-2002Letter, Hon Dr Peter Toyne MLA to Ms Jodeen Carney MLA. Proposal for Carney consideration of jurors outside of panel sitting dated 30 May 2002Tabled paper 417-
Memorandum_Northern_Territory_Fire_and_Rescue_Service_Director_s_Operational_Order_No._01_2002_-_Guideline_for_Liaison_with_Members_of_the_Legislative_Assembly_dated_21_March_2002.PDF.jpg22-May-2002Memorandum Northern Territory Fire and Rescue Service Director's Operational Order No. 01/2002 - Guideline for Liaison with Members of the Legislative Assembly dated 21 March 2002Tabled paper 371-
Censure_Motion_Member_for_Casuarina.PDF.jpg25-Feb-2004Censure Motion, Member for CasuarinaTabled paper 1215-
Report to the ~ Annual Schedule containing Government payments for each Member for Satellite and Mobile Telephones and Annual Schedule of Member.PDF.jpg17-Feb-2005Report to the Legislative Assembly, pursuant to paragraphs 5.19 and 8.8 of Remuneration Tribunal Determination No. 1 of 2004, Annual Schedule containing Government payments for each Member for Satellite and Mobile Telephones and Annual Schedule of Member Travel at Government Expense for year 2004Tabled Paper 1649-
20-Aug-2003Northern Territory Transport Plan, Building a Better Territory Transport SystemTabled Paper 1038-
Coroners_Act_In_the_matter_of_Coronial_Findings_and_Recommendations_into_the_Death_of_Rita_Anderson_pursuant_to_section_46B_dated_21_January_2004.PDF.jpg15-Jun-2004Coroners Act, In the matter of Coronial Findings and Recommendations into the Death of Rita Anderson, pursuant to section 46B, dated 21 January 2004Tabled paper 1323-
Estimates_Committee_Answers_to_Questions.PDF.jpg12-Aug-2003Estimates Committee, Answers to Questions Taken on Notice (01/10/2002 to 01/10/2004) 4.10, 4.11, 4.12, 7.4, 7.6, 7.9, 7.11, 7.12, 8.6, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4Tabled paper 1014-