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James 'Jas' Dymock



James 'Jas' Dymock,


James 'Jas' Dymock,

Also known as

Dymock, James Dalziel Brown, Dumock, James Daziel Brown, Dymock, Jas. D. B.,


Returned ANZACs, Territory ANZACs, First World War, 1914-1918,

Place of birth

Midlothian (Scotland),

Place of enlistment

Brisbane (Qld.),

Date of enlistment







Australian Imperial Force,


26th Battalion, 8th Reinforcement,



Service number

1790 / 3574,

Next of kin

J.D.B. Dymock - Wife ; 18 Academy St. Armidale, West Lothian, Scotland.,

Date of death


Place of death

Edinburgh (Scotland),

Cultural heritage


Biographical notes

The photographs above were supplied by his granddaughter, Jay. The first photograph was taken about 1929. The other people in the photo are from left to right are his sister in law Agnes Justice (the sister of James wife), his daughter Martha Dymock, his niece Martha Justice, his son Thomas Dymock, and his wife Margaret Bisset Dymock nee Hunter. This photo was taken on leave in 1916. James had his medical examination in Darwin, on 6 October 1915. Taken and subscribed at Brisbane 20 October 1915. His father was Thomas Dymock, whose 6 sons and 18 nephews all served in the war.,


James was a member of the Fourth Contingent of October 1915. His name appears on the silk program for the smoke social as “Dalziel Dymock”. His prior service includes 4 years V.B.S.R. and 4 years LIY. He formed part of the 8th Reinforcements embarked at Brisbane, on H.M.A.T. A55 'Kyarra', 3rd January 1916. National Archives of Australia service record includes: Certified extract of marriage certificate p.25; Application to be discharged in Scotland p.26; Letter from Dymock appealing the disapproval of discharge in the UK p.36; Various paperwork for his application for non-military employment; Discharge papers, London, 10-03-20 p.101. He enlisted in the Fourth Darwin contingent, which included two of the four Garr brothers, from a Filipino family. James' wrote letters describing the conditions on the battlefield to the Northern Territory Times and Gazette, links can be found in this record of some of his letters. The Dymock family has six of its members in the field, sons of Mr. Thomas Dymock of Motherwell, Scotland. Besides the sons he had 18 nephews on active service. Eighteen Territorians served in this battalion with James. Including Albert Borella VC MM; Joe Pitt MM; Gilbert Every; Ron McInniss; Isaac Turner; Neil Boyle; the botanist C.E.F. Allen; William Barker; Glamor Garr; John Doyle; John Ross; Arthur West; John Kaine; Elias Conanan; George Classen; Thomas Veitch.,


World War, 1914-1918, Northern Territory, Australia. Army. Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, History, ANZAC,

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