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Ray Solly and others



Ray Solly and others,

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Ray Solly, Wallace E. Haerer, Walter Pepper, George Williams, Victor Campbell, Stanley Terryberry, Peter Brunton, Ron Litteley, R.W. Course, Ern Edwards, Robert C. McCoy, Ray Darolt, William C. Perry and G.E. Wixon,


Ray Solly and others,

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Pepper, Walter, Haerer, Wallace E., Solly, Arthur Raymond, Course, Reginald William, Litteley, Ron, Campbell, Victor Robert, Williams, George, Brunton, Peter, Terryberry, Stanley, Darolt, Ray, McCoy, Robert C, Wixon, George Edward, Perry, William C., Edwards, Ernest,


WWII Darwin Commemorative Quilt, HistoryNT, Second World War, 1939-1945, The Darwin Commemorative Wall Quilt,




Royal Australian Air Force,


"Ray Solly RAAF SA Wallace E. Haerer Sth Dakota USA Walter Pepper RAAF SA George Williams RAAF SA Victor Campbell RAAF NSW Stanley Terryberry Niagra Falls USA Peter Brunton RAAF NSW Ron Litteley RAAF WA R.W. Course Herts England Ern Edwards RAAF Qld Robert C. McCoy Ohio USA Ray Darolt Iowa USA William C. Perry Chicago USA G.E. Wixon RAAF NSW".,


Ray Solly, Royal Australian Air Force, South Australia. Wallace E. Haerer, South Dakota, United States of America. Walter Pepper, Royal Australian Air Force, South Australia. George Williams, Royal Australian Air Force, South Australia. Victor Campbell, Royal Australian Air Force, New South Wales. Stanley Terryberry, Niagara Falls, United States of America. Peter Brunton, Royal Australian Air Force, New South Wales. Ron Litteley, Royal Australian Air Force, Western Australia. R.W. Course, Hertfordshire, England. Ern Edwards, Royal Australian Air Force, Queensland. Robert C. McCoy, Ohio, United States of America. Ray Darolt, Iowa, United States of America. William C. Perry, Chicago, United States of America. G.E. Wixon, Royal Australian Air Force, New South Wales.,


The quilt was assembled between 1992 and 1994. It was first put on display at the Northern Territory Library in 1995., Quilt section K 1,




Quilt, Commemorative, Second World War, 1939 - 1945, Northern Territory,


The Darwin Commemorative Wall Quilt,

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Cropped 396w X 846h Size 62.13k,

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Attribution International 4.0 (CC BY 4.0),

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Library & Archives NT,



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