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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G15 10 April 2019

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Northern Territory Government Gazette No. G15, 10 April 2019 Page 14 69 Paragraph 68 will have effect only where: 69.1 In the case of the Commissioner ceasing to hold office, where that cessation occurs within three (3) months before the expiry of the term of office specified in the notice of appointment; and 69.2 the departure of the Commissioner and the Commissioner's dependants occurs within thirty (30) days of the completion or cessation of appointment, unless otherwise approved by the NTA; and 69.3 the removal of the effects of the Commissioner and of the Commissioner's recognised dependants occurs within ninety (90) days after the completion or cessation of office of the Commissioner, unless otherwise approved by the NTA. 70 Where the Commissioner's period of office is completed or ceases and the Commissioner was recruited from the place at which he resided during the period of appointment, or the Commissioner advises the NTA that he will continue to reside within the Northern Territory, paragraph 67 will be of no effect, unless the Commissioner was relocated from within the Northern Territory under paragraph 67. 71 The NTA may authorise the deduction from the Commissioners final Salary payment to recover relocation expenses associated with the recruitment of the Commissioner under paragraph 68 if the appointment is terminated or ceases within 12 months of being made. 72 Paragraph 71 will not apply where: 72.1 the NTA and the Commissioner mutually agree to terminate the appointment; or 72.2 the NTA decides that special circumstances apply. Workers Compensation 73 The Commissioner, if sustaining an injury as defined in the Return to Work Act, will be entitled to receive: 73.1 during the period of office, Return to Work Act income based benefits based on the Salary Component at the time of injury. In addition, the NTA will continue to provide the same level of Employment Benefits in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Schedule; or 73.2 on completion or cessation of office, compensation in accordance with the Return to Work Act. E. Confidentiality and Non-Competition 74 In appointing the Commissioner to the office, the NTA is exposing the Commissioner to confidential information and trade secrets, and information and documents which it considers and treats as confidential, including such things as Cabinet documents, submissions, draft reports, commercial information supplied to the NTA, draft legislation, and, particularly in the case of government business enterprises, the identity of suppliers and customers and prices charged to customers and by suppliers (except where