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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G15


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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G15 10 April 2019

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Northern Territory Government Gazette No. G15, 10 April 2019 Page 15 that information is in the public domain). In consideration of the Commissioner being appointed and therefore exposed to that information, the disclosure of which will damage the NTA, the Commissioner agrees, by accepting the appointment to office of Commissioner, to be subject to the following conditions: 74.1 the Commissioner will not either during or after the course of his appointment to office, and except in the proper course of his duties divulge to any person, and he should use his best endeavours to prevent the publication or disclosure of, any confidential information or trade secrets of the NTA and without limiting the generality of that expression any trade secret or process or information concerning the same or the business of the NTA or of any of its dealings, transactions or affairs which may come to his knowledge during and as a result of or out of his appointment to office, other than where that information or process is part of the public domain; 74.2 during his appointment to office, the Commissioner will not be concerned or involved directly or indirectly whether as principal, agent, servant, consultant, director or shareholder in connection with any business, or the promotion of any business similar to and in competition with that conducted by the NTA, except as a shareholder in a Company listed on the Stock Exchange in Australia; 74.3 the Commissioner will not, for the following periods after the date of the completion or cessation of appointment to office for any cause whatsoever, solicit any customer who is an existing customer of the NTA at the time of the ceasing office: 74.3.1 six (6) months; 74.3.2 a further six (6) months in addition to the period specified in 74.3.1; and 74.3.3 an additional six (6) months in addition to the period specified in 74.3.2. 74.4 each of these periods are separately agreed to despite any overlap of the Commissioner's obligations, and if one or more of these periods is or are found to be unenforceable, then that or those periods will be severed and the remaining period or periods will still apply; 74.5 in this paragraph the NTA includes the Crown in right of the Northern Territory of Australia and any government business enterprise conducted by the Northern Territory of Australia, including without limitation any company, joint venture or partnership; and 74.6 provided that the NTA may, by instrument in writing, exempt the Commissioner from any or all of the obligations in sub-paragraphs 74.2 and 74.3 of this paragraph.