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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G15 10 April 2019

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Northern Territory Government Gazette No. G15, 10 April 2019 Page 17 J. Performance Review 82 The Commissioner is expected to possess and demonstrate the capability requirement of an Executive Contract Officer within the meaning of the Public Sector Employment and Management Act, as specified by the Commissioner for Public Employment from time to time. 83 A panel comprising the NTA and the Commissioner for Public Employment will review the Commissioners performance of public administration powers and functions once each Employment Year or on a more frequent basis if the panel determines that to be necessary at its discretion. The Commissioner will participate and co-operate in any performance appraisal processes adopted for these purposes. 84 Without limiting the scope of paragraph 81, the panel will review the Commissioner's performance on the basis of: 84.1 fulfilment of the express or implied conditions of appointment; 84.2 any specific professional standards and requirements of sound public administration relevant to the nature of administrative and managerial duties to be performed, including as Chief Executive Officer of the Commission for the purpose of the Public Sector Employment Management Act and Accountable Officer for the purpose of the Financial Management Act; and 84.3 fulfilment of any relevant agreed commitments of the Commissioner and expectations of the NTA. 85 Paragraphs 81 and 82 do not apply to the exercise by the Commissioner of independent statutory functions, powers and discretions which he has under the Act or generally by reason that he holds office as the Commissioner. K. Medical Examination 86 The NTA may direct the Commissioner to attend an examination by a registered medical practitioner(s) or other persons having relevant qualifications where the NTA believes the Commissioners efficiency or work performance is affected by illness or injury. L. Completion of a Period of Office 87 Where the Commissioner has completed the period of office specified in the instrument of appointment, he will be entitled to payment of: 87.1 accrued recreation leave in accordance with paragraph 37; 87.2 accrued and pro-rata long service leave in accordance with paragraph 55 or 57; 87.3 payment of reasonable removal and travel expenses in accordance with paragraphs 68 to 70; and 87.4 superannuation benefits where applicable.