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Northern Territory Government gazette : no. G15


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Northern Territory Government Gazette; General notice


No. G15 10 April 2019

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Northern Territory Government Gazette No. G15, 10 April 2019 Page 9 make superannuation scheme contributions in accordance with paragraph 17. Salary Sacrifice for Employer Superannuation 20 The Commissioner may also request in writing for the NTA to make additional contributions from his Total Remuneration Package to an Complying Superannuation Fund by way of a salary sacrifice arrangement in accordance with Northern Territory Government policy, the rules relevant to the respective schemes and any legislative requirements of the Australian Taxation Office. D. Other Conditions Personal / Carers Leave 21 The Commissioner progressively accrues three (3) weeks of personal / carers leave per Employment Year, and this leave accumulates from year to year. 22 The Commissioner may access personal / carers leave without providing medical/documentary evidence, up to a maximum of five (5) days per Employment Year, provided no more than three (3) of those days are consecutive. 23 Paid personal / carers leave can be taken by the Commissioner for a personal illness or injury, or where the Commissioner is required to provide care or support for a member of his immediate family or household because of personal illness, injury or an unexpected emergency affecting the member. 24 The Commissioner must make all reasonable effort to advise the NTA as soon as reasonably practicable on any day of absence from his employment. 25 Where the Commissioners paid personal / carers leave has been exhausted, he may take up to two (2) days unpaid leave to care for an immediate family or household member. 26 The Commissioner may elect to access personal leave at half the Total Remuneration Package rate where the absence is at least one (1) day. Compassionate Leave 27 The Commissioner is entitled to take up to three (3) days of paid compassionate leave in the event of a death or a serious illness posing a threat to the life of the Commissioners immediate family or household member. 28 The NTA may require the Commissioner to produce documentary evidence of the need for compassionate leave. Recreation Leave 29 The Commissioner progressively accrues five (5) weeks paid recreation leave per Employment Year.