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Katherine Times Wed 13 Dec 2017


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CONNECT TO COUNTRY LIFE Wednesday December 13, 2017 KATHERINETIMES 9katherinetimes.com.au A complex life for singers MY EARS are being assailed by the haunting love songs of mini, short-lived troubadours perched high in the trees aroundme. Only male cicadas call, which is lucky as they are the loudest of all insects and the thought of twice as many voices cutting through a hot afternoon is too much to bear even for the keenest entomologist. Male cicadas have a full vocabulary with different calls used to find a mate, when he is disturbed or as the general congregational song that is influenced by the weather, the time of day and by the presence of other males. The sound of a cicada symphony acts as a defense against predatory birds, making it more difficult to find individual insects. Some species of cicadas only sing at dusk, perhaps because they are weak flyers and use the oncoming dark to hide from predators. Each cicada song differs; in some large species it reaches 120 decibels while smaller cicadas sing at such a high pitch that we cannot hear them. Cicada voices are complex and cicadas use a pair of ribbed membranes called tymbals at the base of their abdomens that they contract causing the tymbals to buckle inwards, producing a sound, a little like when you squash an aluminum can. Both male and female cicadas hear using membranes called tympana that are connected to an auditory organ by a tendon. When a male calls he contracts this tendon, creasing the tympana so that he isnt deafened by his own song. A cicadas life cycle is as complex as its voice. Female cicadas lay eggs, piercing grass stems or tree bark with an ovipositor or egg laying spike on the tip of their abdomen. The eggs hatch into small wingless cicada nymphs that fall to the ground under the plant, burrowing down to the roots where they live on plant sap. Most Aussie cicadas are nymphs for anything between one and seven years but the periodical American cicadas can live underground for up to 17 years. The nymphs shed their skins several times before burrowing out with strong forelimbs specially adapted for digging. They climb the nearest tree trunk and shed their skin for a final time, emerging as an adult cicada. Once they are all grown up and ready to face the world they have to live life to the fullest. An adult cicada only lives for a few weeks, mating and laying eggs, starting the cycle all over again. The sound of a cicada symphony acts as a defense against predatory birds, making it more difficult to find individual insects. Adult cicadas. BY RANGER CLARE PEARCE CONNECT TO COUNTRY Our trades and services advertisers are experts in their field and keen to help. Check them out in... PHONE A FRIEND! PHONE A FRIEND! PHONE A FRIEND! PHONE A FRIEND! PHONE A FRIEND! NEED A LITTLE HELP? KATHERINE VET CARE HAS THE SOLUTION FOR YOUR PET 26 Fourth Street, Katherine Phone: 8972 2752 Katherine Vet Care are stockists of Royal Canin Health and Nutrition for Dogs & Cats. Are you looking for a healthy, nutritionally balanced diet for your Pet? AW3316375 Katherine CBDs only locally owned Service Station Now accepting all Coles and Woolworths shopper dockets. Receive 4 cents per litre discount on all fuel. TTTTTTeeeeellllllleeeeeppppphhhhhhhooooonnnnneeeee ::::: 88888889999999777777111111 999999999999992222222444444 WE ACCEPT ALL BP ROADHOUSE eftpos cards Major credit cards BP fuel cars Puma fuel cards Motorpass fuel cards Motorcharge fuel cards Fleetcard AW3316647 Aboriginal Interpreter Service (AIS) Motor Vehicle Registry Test Sheds, Katherine and Alice Springs Weighbridge and Oversize Overmass Permits office Marine Safety Regional Harbourmaster Services www.roadreport.nt.gov.au www.pfes.nt.gov.au safent.police@nt.gov.au Territory Business Centres Housing offices Lands and Planning front counters Territory Families www.nt.gov.au HOURS OF BUSINESS - CHRISTMAS/NEWYEAR 12 48 C S