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The Tennant and District Times Fri 11 Aug 2017



The Tennant and District Times Fri 11 Aug 2017


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W.Z112017 T1111"Blt and District Times, 2017-0811 TOT e B Public housing innovation 1 ~ THE NT Government has GERRY room on l'c.ko Road. :dso able to ucccss addition I fi. opinion Phone 8962 2049 Of 8962 2522 urged construction and For more i nrormation visit nanciol suppon through the Com property developers to put McCARTHY hllps://dhcd.nt.gov.au/ncws/ IM nwcalth Rental Assistance OPEN 7 DAYS t1AM JPM AND SPM tO JOPM TWO PIZZA DEAL! 2 x Large Pizzas Garlic Bread 1.25 litre soft drink $35 JichJ. $40 lleiiVIIId. forward proposals to pro Melnbor ror Bcu1liY 01,portunitic~-rur-bu ih.lcn;-nnd - scheme. which is no1 nvuilublc vide residentia l dwellings developers or emai 1 housing. to 1cnams of N'r public housing. for use as social housing. proje<=t.:tnt.gov.nu Govcrnmcm is developing a Governme nt is ,'\Ct;k ing 200 This wccl tht Department or Conm\mity Housing Strntcgy propcnies to h:::1se for six. years Not only will this initimivetxxr.ot I lousing :md Community De vel- for the NT which will inform thC' with o possible th.n:e-yc,orcxtcn- con:-.tructioiHmth:rcatcjobs.bul it opmenl released a Request for proposnl to transfer up to 750 i'iOrl at market tcr\l, to increase: will creme more housins ope ion.~ lnfonumion to ussist the <.l ev-e l ~ Territory Housing dwclli rlg~ to s.oci~11 hmo;ing ~lock and ~r.:nmte supponing 1'crritoria:ns access.-. oprucnl of an Ur'barl Cornrnunity the cornrnunity housing $Ccl0r. local jobs. ing a good hmnc and address the I tousing St~ttcgy. '11lt NT has n developing C'\)lll This will incrc:asc the U\':1il waitlist. Community housing is a ronn of munit)' housing tiCCtOr present ahility of houo;ing :md n.x.hu,:~ the Proposals can also be submh M>Ciul h<>using dclivcn."d by nc.:>n ing opJll.munit ic~ fur ongoing public housing waitli.st for low in~ IL-d ror C:ti~ting prOJ>erties I hat government org~mis!Uions ~llld is improvemt'ntS 10 the delivery of comec;:&rncrs. :,cniors ~mtl P'-"UPlc nrc IC.."'~' lhun five ycltrs old with common injuriOOictions through~ the wciul hou~in.g ~y:.~cm. living with a disabilhy. the Depanmcn1 of I lousing and out Australia and overseas. The tl"tlMfer of govemn1enH\IO 'lCna.nts "'hO qu:tlify for social Community Dcn~lopme1ll open. Nongovcnuncnl housing JJrO- public 1\ousing co the communily hclu .. ing " 'ill be o.llocntL"t.. d\\'c11 ing "Rcq ucl\b fur PropC:t'<.!th.' la:.t vidcrs us Community I lousing housing SC'Ch')r ho~ bl"Ccun~ comings thnt nrc appropriate to 1hcir w<.ck which close on 31 Atgus:t. Providers c:tn offer wrop-around mon intcrst:uc. needs. Jnform(llion sessions will be support services thot improve 11\C Request for lnfom10tion oJ. Govcmmcnl id.ccntohcurfn)ln held uw:r the tlCxl two week~ in h.:nnnr outcome~ nnd provide lowsorganisutiOfl$and:ott.akehold propcny developers who have Durwin.Kutherinc.AliccSpril1.&S, more innov:.nive and oost cffec crswilhimtovoti\'Cpolicyidcasto U!!IE.-!~-.::::~:~=:--=;.;.~a.:-"l.lL.....:..::;:....-.J consuuc1ion underway .. or n de and 1Cnnam Cr\."tk a1 2pm nex1 tho "'"ys IO deliver new housing pr...-..sen1 them to government and velopment thm cun start soon and Tuesday IS August nt the NT :-.upply. lnnucncc the dc"dopment of the TENNANT CREEK women's refuge 24-hour Crisis Accommodation, support and referrals for women and children. Experiencing Violence? In Crisis? Too many troubles? Need someone to talk to? Call our Counsellor 1800 114 904 We provide private & confidential service for all women. POWER THE HAPPY FOR SICK KIDS be cculll)lc.tcd pril)t In June 2020. Govcnlmcnt Centre <:Orlferenee Community housing tcmmls ~trc Mrnlc.gy. -lwww.tdtlmes.com..u"llld=154835tlalla=1 12/16