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The Tennant and District Times Fri 11 Aug 2017



The Tennant and District Times Fri 11 Aug 2017


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W.Z112017 T1111"Blt and District Times, 2017-0811 TOT news Fracking would create a climate carbon bomb, Inquiry told IN a week where the Northem Territory has had the honest July on record, the NT Sci entitle Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing has been told that tracking would create a ell mate carbon bomb. Chcmicul engineer 'lim forccy 11ppcanxJ before the inquiry last week.cxprcssingconccmsovcrthedimme cost of opening up the Tcrri1ory to rracking. IIi~ n.:.SC..\rch had found 1h:11 22 billio n h)nnt:S of c:arbon dioxide would be released into the mmospllcrc If the estimated 240 trillion cubic feet of"" in the McArthur basin wM cxtrnctcd by hydraul1c frnctur~ ing c::qu:tl lu 2l yea~ or Au ,tmli:~ ~cotrbctn cmis.,ion~. Director of 1hc t\rid L::uxls and Environment Centro Jimmy Cocking <aid the figures only reinforce whnt grout>S and C(utuuunity mcrnbc~ OJlpoSCd to the Jll"ilC ticcQ( ir..acking howe bcxn SJying ::til .,long. .... lllat is the risk to our climtuc. our wmer nnd envi ronmc:nt is too great o.nd froddng must be banned." he sajd. ''Last week mrkctf l!arth Overshoot D;ty, where ~lobo fly we have used year's wonh of resources In Just seven months. lf every country In the world Jived ~ikcAu~tmlia , E:.uth Oven-hoot Day WtKJid lmvc been "Australi:ulS ate the hi~hC$1 ~trlxnl emilie~ (lll the pl:mcl which h ig hlights the irTCSI)Qnsible ~tpprom;h by our governments which cominue to Invest in fossil fuels." Mr Cocking said i( we mc ~cr-ious ~bout tackling clirnatc ch;mgc then there lllU">I be ;t policy of no new fossil fuol projects or infrostructure. "Solor is the cheapest energy technology and there must be ;m urg,cul lmm;ilicln ro rcnewahlc e nergy," he said. "The Nonhcm Teni10ry Gove-mmcnt musa fnst-truck their Ro:~.dmap to Rcncwablcs and urgently dc:\'clop a dimalc ch ange policy tlutl detail~ hi)W the NT will reduce emissions. Mcunwhilc. the Independent Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fra\!lUring of on~horc lJnCOIWCIHiOillll Rcsc.nroirs in the-Northern Territory held aOQthcrcommunity forum in1'ennam Cree'- ye5terday.ahhough the Temumt Trmcs had nlrc.ody gone to press Mcmbc~ of the Inquiry prulCIJ>rovidcd a briding on lho interim (lSSCS:>.mcnt.s or SOme or the identified risks and benefits of fmc king for shnle ga.< and hold round table discussions where questions could be asked about 1hc lntcl'irn Report thai wa .. ~ rdc.-L...ed hl~l 111o111h. Advertisement The NT Council Election to be held on 26 August 2017 is your chance to have a say in the Barldy's future. The Tennant Times urges you to make the most of this opportunity by reading what the candidates have to say ELECTION COMMENT: Following lhe is-suing of electiOn wnts for the NT CoullCII Elec:bOrul. 2017, <til ltdvertusements must cont;un an authomsahon and It vahd st.reet &ddress Letters to the Editor c:onlainlng clect.an comment must bear a name and va!Kt street a<ldr&s~t tOt publiCAtiOn. Res.ponslblldy for ;til Other ek!et.IOn comment in 1nts pubUcatkwlls ooccptod by Jasmin Afianos, Edttor. Tennant and O!S~rlct rlfflCS Promoting policies that foster: Our environment VOTE II] Our businesses Our families This week Our businesses: My plan it to put Tennant Creek businesses first -local procuftmenl and loc-11 Jobs. I will alwm <Notate to shop focollv, buy lo<olly od use locoiS<Ni<es.l believe the S.l1<1y Reglonf Coun<il should support oppor1unldes to purd'last goods o, strvlus from JOQI wppllrt1. local Includes Tennant Cree-k ~nd ot~r B3rkfy communities,. indigenous 3nd previously d~ntaged communities Md, where a.ppropriatt, (!:tteod!ng to the! wtder Northern Territory. Fair tende-ring processes which sive aU businesses a fair eo! "'What does Sid know about business?"' you mlht ask. I have man.aeed small Aborislnal commvnity stores to multl-mllllon dollar su~rrnafkets (lndudin& Tennant Creek). I h.ave handled your monty in my role a1. a commtrdat telle-r at Wto!.tpat Bank, and managed &cx.al bu~U')tSs portfolios. 1 come from rimily of busine people illd 1 hi\le eamed my 'silver pin', &ilininc i Bvslneu Ocgree In MaMgement & Finane~ from Oea.lcln Univc11ity. SID VASHIST AT THE COUNCIL ELECTIONS 26 AUGUST 2017 _TEI'lNANl ANO DJSlRLCT TIMES FRIDAY.J 1 AUGUSJ 201.7 3 -lwww.tdtlmes.com.u"llld=154835tlalla=1 3116