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The Tennant and District Times Fri 11 Aug 2017



The Tennant and District Times Fri 11 Aug 2017


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W.Z112017 T1111"Blt and District Times, 2017-0811 TOT nt council elections 201 7 in NT council election race publ ic sc.vicc ond wurk as u full~tirnc prcsidcm to advnnce nnd represent the iHcrc..;ts of the. region. '',\1yexpcricncc working i n the Bmly. whioh goes buck to 1994. has given n'k: ;t unit1uc umlc~t;snding und insight into the runge of socio-economic fac tors such as f>t")vcny. roor.and o vercrowdcO ho usmg. inequality, unemployment and limited access to com 1mulity uc tivitics; he .l-aid. .. My long lasting rein tlonships across all leve ls or government. with bu~inC.ii people mld AI:.. originnl corpormions in Tennant Creek. will help drhc soci~l and economic development :.tCr(l~S lh..:. region ." Steve says If clet:tetl. he plrms 10 work ooll:.abnr':ltively with both councillors and residents to I)I'QVitlc Of>en. rc~pon:o.i\1C ;md :tccountublc govern n1ent across the region t~t:l~f::r:~r ~~~v~~~(i~:l~ all residents and visitors. ''1 will Hstcn to a.nd be o SlfO'S voice for oJI our ~itlcnt"i :mtl lnok forward 10 su ppon fron1 voters co make the Bark.l)' the prefc.rrec.l locutior) 10 Jive, work . visit ancl invest in," he said. Annthcr J)tcsidcnl cundidate. Jeff McLoughli n AKA Dr Fluoride is well known throughout Tcnnunl Creek and the llarkly. The wlented si nger. musician. sound and recording technician und I<>C-~r l cclcbril\1 has :ilso kept residents ;,oo vis ito.-.. emenained and amused in hi;, prcvioult job U;, u checkout dude m nr. Now b:tek !lt the. \Vin::mijikari ~:lusic Centre ;,ftcr n brenk. hcs hoping to be able to rnake a difference through th-e. C()uncil. The (athcr-uf- lwn S ttyb he IO\'CS living in Tcnn:mt Creek ond reels just at home out in the B~kly's more rcmntc arc;;a.s. "J want to m\lkc po~iti\'C changes to bring the voice buck 10 people i n c.um~ munitics:md nutstaticms ." he ~~uitl. "People dc.sc-nc to ha\1C beuer consultation proccs..~ o.s wciJ a~ more d{.-ci:'inn nml.:ing power ... "T d ~lso l ike to build on the .great work local nu Lhc..u'i tiCl\ huve dune in creating more famHrfriendly play and recreauon areas. "In the words of the great Cat Stc\'cns. "where do the c:hildrcn pl:ryT Advertisement "I WUUI lO )) Ul MllUC SJ)'.erk back into the place. make it c leaner. greener and introduce street artworks thnt everyo ne c;::m h e proud of. 'Basically. l"d like the ni1JlOrtunity h) rn;:.kc pnsi tivc change for cvcry<me ocross our diverse elector ate and r Ill hopin$ people in the O;)rkly regu)n will vote for me to make thm possible: Major upgrade to Elliott I multipurpose centre NT Council Elections 2017 ELLIOTT'S multi-purpose centre Is set for a major upgrade thanks to a Federal Govern mentgrant. a~~r:j:~~~ t~~l::~~~~\:~il\~~~ I~I~Cr1~l~l:~~:r~tl~r:~~ outdoor. stor.age and gym facilities:. NT Senator Nigel Scullion said the projcct.to be mon aged by the Bar~ly Region''' Council ( llRC). woulcl creme 20 local jobs chrough the refurbishment phase und 15 on~oingjobs.ten of whkh would be fil led by local Aboriginal peaplc. The f"cdcral Govcmmcnt's Building Better Regions Fund would comribute SJ36.500 while the BRC would ~~it40ti~5.SOO with the works w be completed by " The kitchen will be upgraded ror nutritioo and ~~~:~~.'- s:'n~~~o~:~i~i~~~~il~t~w ctttcring sen i cc;.~; fm "'11le indoor recre-ation area and ba:--kc1b:dl COUI1S will al:q) bC' upgmded to provide a safe J>lace for ac-tivitie-s for youu,g people out of the heat or min. "The upgrades will include outside .shaded seating. and a storoge room and gym and the omce will also be upgroded to IH'OVide an area f'or mecting.;o and bcue.r IJl ttnniJlg of youth and c..ommunily acLivilies:." Uafi.:ly Regional Council Cl!O. Steve Moore. said the additional funding would allow the coun<il to make a signHicruu irnJ>f(.i\'C'IllCill tO the .uuhi-purpo:;e cemre. "'The youth ofEIIion ;an:.g~tt supportc~ofthc(X!ntru und use d1c facilities constantly." he said. '"'11l is includes p loyin sports, w.in~ the muhi-rnecliu ccmrc :md even ju~t usmg it us: a socml hub. '"'l'bc building :1nd facililics are now <lu ned3ted and 10 be able to moden1ise the centre is :1 fantast ic outcome for the people of Elliutt." MrMoorcsuid the BRC wnsgrateful t<..lSemuorScull ion and the F~erol Government for 1hcir continued >Upp<>n in the Brldy region. VOTE [I] RAY AYLETT for Kuwanangu Ward Barkly Regional Council 'A man who fights for the people of Kuwarrangu.' Jemena supports NT emergency responders Pipe stringing underway as NT section ~ ~ Jemna~ NGP U.elth1 Sl'-fY end EnvlronmMt ManafM, a.tard HetMr, with Avon OOWnaSES S._t.(y Olfk:or April /loU aM AVon OOWnsl'ollcoS.rfNnt aMSES Coorcllrlato<Colln IIU. Jemena has donated an automated external defibrilla tor (A.EO) to the Barkly Region State Emergency Service (SES). Jem enallaised with theSES and NT Police and Identified a limited number of AEOs along the 460km remote stretch of Barldy Highway. While the majority of NGP personnel will work well away from the Barkly Highway. Jemona acknowlodged a community need for an AEO to be available between Tennant Creek and Camooweal. Jemena Is pleased It could support the eommunlty by providing this unit, which will be available at and dispatched from the remote Avon Downs Pollee Station. of pipeline begins to take shape Pipe stringing Is well underway in the Northern Territory. Stringing is a term used in pipeline construction for when lengths of coated line pipe are laid along the construction right of way (ROW) ahead of welding. Sandbags and timber pipe skids manufactured and supplied duringJemena"s Soclal Employment Project are used to support the pipe on the ROW ensuring the coated pipe Is not damaged. The stringing process starts with transponingplpe by truck from the stockpile yard, ncar Tennant Creek. to the ROW. After this, an excavator fitted with a vacuum lift places lengths of one tonne pipe on to waiting skids and bags on the ROW. Approximately 90 kilometres of stringing has now taken across the 622km NGP. Abow: e vecuumllttundertakMst~ Rllltt.lenlfltJofplpestruntoutnurTennelltCI'Mk. TENNANT AND DISTRICTTIMES FRIDAY 11 AUGUST 2017 5 -lwww.tdtlmes.com.u"llld=154835tlalla=1 5'16