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The Tennant and District Times Fri 10 Feb 2017


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Page 3 of 12Tennant and District Times, 2017-0210 TDT 3/03/2017http://www.tdtimes.com.au/global/print.asp?path=/djvu/2f345992-f34c-48a9-b361-aca... news MESSY STATE: Debris scattered near a demountable at one of the town camps has already tested positive for chrysotile asbestos. More debris sent off for asbestos tests A REPRESENTATIVE of the Asbestos Disease Support Society (ADSS) and a CFMEU official were in town this week to inspect the controversial demountables imported from China and sold to Julalikari Council. Thebuilding materialsonthe 11 unitsapparemlycontain asbestos a dangerous and prohibited substance. The dernountables, delivered to town about six years ago, were placed a1 various town camp sites and later trashed, leaving trails of hazardous debris. Dozens of children spent hours in and around the buildings, promp1ing concerns for their health and safety. Andrew Ramsay, chairman of the A DSS and a workplace safety officer with the CFMEU took samples from sites he says are littered w ith debris. The material has been sent off for testing. ''Fro m experience. I'd say the material will prove to conta in asbestos," he said. "But we'll wait for the resuhs to confirm that." An independent laboratory has already confinned that previous samples from the same a rea contained chrysotile asbeslos and the matte r was reported to NT WorkSafc. A reply from NT WorkSafe to the complainant said it was working with Julalikari Council to address concerns raised and that .. competent persons that have been full y trained and are licensed have been engaged to identify and manage any asbestos containing material in the dcmountables and o n the ground at the site." However, Mr Ramsay says the response from NT WorkSafe is not good enough. ''The matter was reported to them three months ago," he said . ''But this week there was still evidence of scattered debris which is very tempting for children to play with. ''That is just no t good enough. ''Aboriginal people have enough health problems with out creating more. ''This is something that needs to be taken seriously. Damaged friable asbestos causes deadly disease. so it's not something that we can afford to take lightly." Mr Ramsay said he called on the Gunner Government 10 force NT WorkSafc to act immediate ly. ''This needs to be sorted out now," he said. 'The fallout from the use of asbestos material before it was banned in Australia was devastating. "We can't allow another generation to be exposed 10 the same dangers, especially now we arc aware of how hazardous it is." Two other Australian companies, which unwiningly imported asbestos-containing building mate ria ls, a rc also under the spotlight with one company having 8000 sheets of material quarantined. DEPARTMENT OF TRADE, BUSINESS AND INNOVATION ABORIGINAL WORKFORCE GRANTS Grant funding is available to build capability to support Aboriginal Territorians to enter. remain and progress in employment. Employers can apply for funding for services to support their Aboriginal workforce. Funding also is available to develop and deliver new services in mentoring or in labour coordination and worker mobility. Business. Aboriginal organisations. not- for-profits and other organisations are eligible to apply. To find out more, visit nt.gov.au/awg Applications close 12 noon, Monday 20 March 2017 . business.nt.gov.au NORTHERN TERl!ITOllY GOIERNMENT Monday to Fridays - 6am - Spm Weekends Sam 3pm . Paterson Street, Tennant Creek