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The Tennant and District Times Fri 26 Jun 2015



The Tennant and District Times Fri 26 Jun 2015


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Page 3 of 16Tennant and District Times, 2015-0626 TDT 28/07/2015http://www.tdtimes.com.au/global/print.asp?path=/djvu/2f345992-f34c-48a9-b361-ac... CELEBRATION: The winning learn outside Parliament House Canber ra - Juslin Rankine, Sharen Lake, Edwina Marl<s, Sean Spencer and Preston Payne. Council takes home two local government awards BARKLY Regional Council (BRC) has taken home two prestigious awards .at a recent local government ceremony In Canbeua. BRC"s Barldy Dt.'.strt Cullure project wnn 1hc An..;; Aninuucs c:1ucgory and in a CQllaborntivc fandfill venture w ith two other icrritOI')' councils, BRC was joint winner in the Boosting Produtlivity Throug.h lnfJ'a$1nJcmrc category nt lhc 20 IS Natiooal Awards for L:al Go\cmmeor lns1 "-'CCk. The uwards nrc nn annllill eclcl)mt lnn of l<x.~l ~O\'Cmmcnts' {lthiC\'CmCnt:s in delivering targe1cd. qwtlity ~ice~ 10 Austtalians in utbru1 and rcgion3l communities. URC President R:.irb Sh3w said the Council Is immensely proud of s1aff and their t..'.ol l ecti \e upprooch I<> ri!igional \$SUC$. '"I congn11ulmc stuff n n 1hcir uchic\c~ mcrus and all the hard work that has gone into the delivery. sus1ain.abil ity mKI coll:1'1Qra1ivc ~ppn.mch for Su.11;.ly Oesen Cl1h1.1res and the l:mdlill projcc1; she said . "Counci I s1aff h::ts shovm excellence in c:ommuni1y cnga,gcmcnl a nd partic:ipa 1ion as well ns making st:r\icc delivery apriorily.'' Batkly Dcscn Cuh urc. managed by DRC 's SP,>rt and Recrculi()n UK>rdina 1or Scan Spencer and his s upcro'isor, Regional Community Services. Manager S haren L~ke. is an ongoing muh i-mcdia lndigcnou~ yomh e ngagement program. "The project wa." clc~igncd to bridge the generational gap wi1h discussions that were expresK-d throu,sh scmg. hip hop music. ~1ory1cl ling. Him rul<l a nil nmioo: said Sco:m. 1t bui lt on the !!>U>lainability o f mul 1lmcdia sk llls. hkc lc:n.ming 10 fitm. lny :;;~~~~~-~~~~:~i~~iCD~.OV~)~ and lhc pcrfonnaoccs and ofre~ cmploymcni for loco1I tuti:m." Two l:Klnicipant.s i111he 1:woject Jus:tin Rankine, rrum Elltol:Lalkl Preston r aync, from Ampilutwatja - olso Jlltcndcd the a"1<1rJ.s t."(;r'tlnOi1y o n 16 Jur)c 1ha.nb 10 funding by 1hc ~n1ral Au~m1li::1in Youth Link-up S<rvicc (CALYUSJ. .. They were Immensely pn:n.1d lh::s t 1hcya been ~cogniscd na1io n:illy for ll project 1h:n Mtppon.s the ongolnJ; mid s-u~tain:iblc c ultuml development of the rcgioo, including developing 10011 skills mid offeriog e mploytnt'nl for .arli:!>l:!>." s.aid Scan. "Suc h an nccnlodcdoc ... wonders fonhc con1inua1ion of 1he p.-ojccl Md for their self csteen1 .and confidence." Creating gruill landfill~ in cent;r.il Au.s lralin r~mot~ Aboriginal wrnniuniti~{i. a coll:ibora1i''C proje-cl between CentrJI Ocserl Region::tl Council. Moc:Donnell Regional ~ounc:il and BRC. won lhc Uoosling Produc1ivi1y ' through lnfrn. $lructure Aw;ml. BRC CEO. Dr Edwina Matt.s~ said all 1hrce counc:il:o wo n the award rc,, dcmonstrnting 1hc ont~ground benefits of local govemmem 1,1.orking together to makcem .-ctiveservit."Cdelivtrya priority. ' 'The proj('!Cts collabo1'ilti"C ~pro..1cl1 IQ wiving problem$ in small communi1ics h .. s prove<I highly successful and is le<idini lo other partnerships." she .said. .6. Northern Territory W Government ...... w;;~ ": : news Grass Roots grants for two Tennant sports groups TENNANT Crook Jujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts and Ten-nant Creek Speedway have :=in o~1t~~n NfmG~v~;~~!nf: Grass Roots gran1:S program. The $pt."t.-dwuy Club was awurdcd S2.300 for li~nses ;_tnd h:;indhefd @ mdioo to helpCl'CiltC A S3fcrcn\fironmcnt and a~ii;1 the club in nw1ing 11e11ion11I ~rn.nt:W.n.ls fol' oOkh.lh. TcnnJnl Jujitsu .-oocivcd S5 .000 for safety maning ac iu cummt facility. Tili~ "'ill in<.~ the elubs ability to deliver prvgr.tm:>: ~rely and en~ h~nco their 1.1bili1y 10 increase their Wc "usr:md on Sacred Ground: n t.Al"..WA cap;)(:ily. The prog.rnm pfovidcs for i;m:ll I grunts up 10 SS.000 for :!>port a nd rocrca1ion organi~ation<i.. Tllc nc.J: t round of Grass Roo1s gr:ims open Qfl I July, RN- d<.~Ulill>. vi!iil www, :i;;portandrucreat.ion .nl ~-uv .au/gmnL"~ \'01;1chcrVdcpanmcnt~~111::> I.I @ O - TENNANT CREEK NAIDOC 2015 o .......... Elders Day Brunch Where: Civic Hall (Peko Road) Wednesday 08 July 2015 10am - 2pm Date: Time: Elders Day Brunch is a day for all Tennant Creek Elders (Elderly) to come together for a yarn over a mea I, share s.tories, relax and enjoy some entertainment ~!-. --<. -.. ~- #---~ This event is for the Elders only, but is open to the general public to come along for a short while to pay respect to the Elders on their special day of recognition Pick up's please call: Keisha White on 8963 2914 or Duane Fraser on 89632914 / 0477377813 l ENNANL_AND DISTRICT llt)1ES FBI DAY 26 JUNE 2015 3 1