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Annual Report 1991 Department of Education



Annual Report 1991 Department of Education

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1991 met twice and joint meetings were held with IETAC to discuss issues of mutual interest in education and training at both national and local levels. Four committees of TAFEACestablished to provide background inform ation and policy direction on accreditation and registration of private provid ers of vocational education and training, building, staff development and women in TAFEcontinued to meet during 1991. A more detailed account of the activities of the council, before its replace ment in the latter part of the year by the Northern Territory Employment and Training Interim Authority, is available in the 1991 TAFE Advisory Council Annual Report. NT-COMMONWEALTH RESOURCE AGREEMENT In 1991, $5 363 030 was received through the Northern Territory- Commonwealth Resource Agreement, funded under the States Grant (TAFE Assistance) Act. A sum of $1 870 230 allocated to the NT TAFE General Recurrent Program included $36 230 for staff development and $50 000 for literacy programs, while funding for other language and literacy projects totalled $152 800. The TAFE Infrastructure Program was allocated $3.34 million, incorporating $2.7 million for new construction projects, $100 000 for design projects and $540 000 for general equipment. FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION Audited financial statements for 1990prepared on a modified accrual accounting basis for the Alice Springs College of TAFE, the Northern Territory Open College of TAFE, the Northern Territory Rural College and Batchelor Collegewere included in the colleges' 1990 annual reports for tabling in the Legislative Assembly. During 1991, the move towards full accrual accounting for TAFE colleges, as required under the Education Amendment Act (1989), continued with consideration of the vesting of assets in the individual colleges being the subject of ongoing discussions among all interested parties, including the Departments of Treasury, Lands and Law and the Office of the Auditor- General. The Northern Territory Employment and Training Interim Authority and the colleges were kept informed of developments so that they could consider the likely effects on their operations. TAFEASY (TAFE ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM) Ensuring the accuracy of TAFEASY data was a priority in 1991, with special emphasis on the accuracy of course information and the consistency of course codes among TAFE colleges. The distribution of a regular newsletter helped to keep colleges informed of procedural guidelines and problems identified by users. Because of an increased emphasis on performance indicators and a national 9