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04 NEWS TUESDAY FEBRUARY 5 2019 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 In a town like AliceIn a town like Alice Paramedics battle the unexpectedParamedics battle the unexpected Intensive Care Paramedic Paul Reeves in Alice Springs. Picture: Chloe Erlich PAUL and Caitlin were practising drills at their Alice Springs station when they were called to a one alpha. A 54-year-old man was in cardiac arrest after being assaulted so they sped to the house in one of the towns 13 Aboriginal camps. A second ambulance crew, as well as police, were also dispatched but the two Intensive Care Paramedics were first on scene, finding dozens of people in the front yard as they arrived. You can normally gauge from the people on scene what youre walking into and that was very much what we picked up on. It was, right, this is the real deal, Caitlin explained. Paul said he also sensed terror and stress as they arrived. Culturally, people do not want to be in the same room as a person who seems to be deceased so there was no one in the house, they were outside, so we moved past them, he added. The two entered the house and found the man lying on his back on a mattress. We now need to perform not knowing why this has happened, not knowing anything about the patient that might be useful to try to get clues as to why this has happened, Paul said. We are working in what can sometimes be hazardous conditions, squalid environments, dangerous environments or lowlit environments where were doing this by torchlight. There was no response from the man and no other signs of life so Caitlin started compressions. Paul charged the defibrillator, Caitlin paused compressions, the mans heart rhythm was analysed and pop the first of several shocks was delivered before Paul resumed compressions. Paul launched into a two-minute cycle of compressions while Caitlin established bag-ventilation and secured an intermedi ate airway by threading a tube down the patients throat, all within 60 seconds. Paul prepared to gain drug access to the mans arm while continuing to deliver ventilation. Another paramedic grabbed the drug kit and started drawing up more medications while Caitlin secured the advanced airway using a video scope. It freed them up from performing manual chest compressions and allowed the crew to transport the man to hospital. They maintained the mans heartbeat on the short trip to hospital but he sadly died. Days later the house was found abandoned. Some Aboriginal people believe that the last person to touch the body is responsible for them and ultimately the death. They may also be reluctant to go back into a house where someone has passed away because they believe there will be bad spirits, Caitlin said. These are the untold stories of courage, compassion, dedication, resilience and inspiration of a caring group of remarkable and selfless first-responders in two of the toughest towns in Australia. KRISTIN SHORTEN TOMORROW: PART 4 Prices FB account reopened FACEBOOK has apologised after it wrongly suspended the account of Coalition candidate Jacinta Price for the second time in a week. Ms Price told Sky News her account was shut down on Sunday with no explanation. This is concerning, she said. Free speech is under attack and basically Facebook is condoning this attack on free speech. She said she suspected the account had been suspended after she posted photoshopped images of protesters marching to change the date of Australia Day. The images on their signs had been changed to become slogans calling for better protection of Aboriginal women and children. I simply swapped their words for protect our children, women and childrens rights, I stand by our children, thats all I did, she said. But Facebook told Sky News Ms Prices account had been mistakenly suspended after she made a comment criticising TV personality Yumi Stynes on another users post that has since been deleted. Removing this content was a mistake as it does not violate our Community Standards, a Facebook spokesman said. MATT CUNNINGHAM THE search for Harold Morton has reached its fourth day as police appeal for friends who may have spoken to him in the days before his disappearance to come forward. Mr Morton, 44, left his home in Ampilatwatja, about 300km northeast of Alice Springs on Friday at 6am and has not been seen since. Police were alerted that he had not returned to his home at 7pm Friday after the community tracked his footprints 4.5km heading north along Murray Downs Rd. Acting Superintendent Michael Potts said police launched a land and air search of the region on Saturday and have continued the search since. Search for Harold continues Community members have been assisting police with the search as they work to track Mr Mortons footprints. Supt Potts said the police investigations have led them to believe Mr Morton did not drink any water or eat anything before he set off on Friday. We take any instance in which someone has walked off into the outback as a serious matter, he said. Police are urging anyone who may have spoken to Mr Morton in the days leading up to his disappearance on Friday to call them on 131 444. JUDITH AISTHORPE Harold Morton Picture: NT Police Little croc enjoying Cullen Bays lifestyle A BABY croc has got a taste for the high life and has moved into one of the most expensive areas in Darwin. The 35cm croc has called the Cullen Bay Marina home for at least the last six weeks. Cullen Bay management have tried valiantly to capture the croc but its skittish nature has seen it foil their efforts. On Saturday, it was seen by diners at Lolas Pergola. A management spokesman said they had tried to catch the croc but each time they snuck up on the reptile it managed to escape. He said the croc was last sighted three weeks ago and they thought the animal may have found its way back into the ocean through the lock. The spokesman said they often received calls from people in the high-rise apartments surrounding the marina, stating they had seen a croc. Its usually just a mullet, he said. Not guilty plea to historical buggery rap A MAN facing trial on a decades-old charge of buggery has pleaded not guilty. The man, who cannot be named, is accused of sexually assaulting his young nephew in 1979 or 1980. Crown Prosecutor Stephen Geary told the jury the name of the antiquated charge might strike them as off. Weve moved on, society has moved on and we dont use the term buggery, he said. The alleged attack took place in the northern suburbs on the night of the young boys birthday, and Mr Geary told the jury they would hear evidence the man told the boy happy birthday after the alleged attack was over. The man since confided in his partner and his parents. The trial, which is expected to last less than a week, continues before Justice Peter Barr. Get the paper on your desk each weekday Keep your business and staff informed, and your customers entertained with print copies of the NT News delivered to your shop front or office each weekday morning. With the Darwin City Subscription service, you can have every story at your fingertips, for just the cost of the paper* and no delivery fees. *Offer availble to businesses within the Darwin City area only. Cost includes the cost of the paper each day and free delivery. Payment for full subscrition term must be paid prior to commencement of delivery. Papers will be delivered Monday to Friday between 6am and 9am. Weekend papers delivered the following Monday morning between 9am and 6am. Offer available for the NT News, Sunday Territorian, Centralian Advocate and The Australian newspapers only. Speak to the NT News circulation team for full terms and conditions on (08) 8944 9906 Flexible subscription durations Free delivery Choose from a range of News Corp publications Purchase multiple copies easily Weekday, 7-day and weekend subscription options also available SUNDAY JANU ARY 20 2019 V1 - NTNE0 1Z01MA PLUS SOCIALS , FOOD REVIEW S, HUNTING, F ISHING, MO A PLACE F FAMILI Interstate tou rists are starti ng to ultimate fami ly holiday des tination arent limited to tourists. DI LVI V1 - NTNE01Z01MO NEW KID IN TOWN FORD FOCUS TAKES ON BESTSELLERS IN HATCH SHOWDOWN FORD FOCUS TAKES ON BESTSELLERS IN HATCH SHOWDOWN V1 - AU SE01Z0 1MA WWW .THEA USTRA LIAN. COM.A U I FOR T HE IN FORM ED AU STRAL IAN $3.0 WEDN ESDA Januar y 23, 20 PRICE INCL UDE FREIG HT E ADAM GILCH RIST Can ou r young bats del iver? {P28} JASON THOM AS {P10 } JANET ALBRE CHTSE N SON O F OSAMA Hamza b Laden a the retu rn a stron al-Qa Femin ists should learn f rom John H oward BARTY S OVER Ashs br illiant r un comes t o an en d {P2, 28 } {P10} For mo re than a year , Jason Ball has bee n shado wed by an emb ar rassing but inn ocuous sexual en counter which, if relea sed into the combus tive atm osphere of a fe d eral el ection and th e MeT oo movem ent, cou ld destr oy his c am paign fo r the sea t of Hig gins. The LG BTI com munity advo cate an d Gree ns cand idate ca me to natio nal prom inence as the fi rst gay Au stralian rules f ootballe r to speak p ublicly about h is sexua lity Greens star ca ndidate reveals his nig htclub sex secr and is a serious conten der for the inner-M elbourn e seat that sin ce its ince ption h as been in Lib eral hands. Yet his aspirati ons for Higgins , which is being vacate d by K elly ODwy er, and broad er poli tical ambitio ns are t hreaten ed by a lle gations of sexu al haras sment a nd exploita tion m ade by a Gre ens volunte er after a brief tryst be hind the toile t door o f a gay n ightclub in July 201 6, short ly after the last fed eral elec tion. An ind epende nt inve stigatio n commis sioned by the Greens last year cle ared Ba ll of all allegati ons. It found the sex ual enc ounter was an affai r betwe en two consen ting adults a nd accu sations by the v ol unteer that Ba ll plied him w ith alcohol and mis used his position of power a s the H iggins c andidat e to take ad vantage of him were n ot substan tiated. The in vestigat ion ch aracter ised Ba lls actio ns on th e night as poorly judged but clea red him of sexual a ssault, s exual h arassm ent and mis conduc t. Ball say s he ha s done nothing wrong b ut he kn ows the salacio us allegati ons, in the han ds of po liti cal op ponent s, coul d be used against him to devasta ting effe ct. The AL P ran a highly effectiv e negativ e camp aign a gainst the Greens , built la rgely on unprov en sexual miscon duct a llegatio ns against Green s cand idates and MPs, d uring Novem bers V ic torian e lection and hav e vowed to do the s ame wh en the n ation go es to the p olls this year. I knew that my conscie nce was clear, th at I didn t have a nything to hide, b ut Im also no t naive in knowin g that in Austra lian pol itics at the m oment, even ba seless a lle gations can be weapo nised, Ball told The Austral ian. There is enou gh fodd er that this cou ld be ta ken out of cont ext to do irr eparabl e harm to my re pu tation, everyth ing I h ave wo rked for as a n LGBT I advoc ate, as an advoca te for y oung pe oples m en tal heal th. That is all up fo r grabs if weap onised b y politic al oppo nents. He agre es that having sex with a party volunte er in a t oilet cu bicle was a mistake . Polit ical par ties cant ou tlaw pe ople fro m havi ng consen sual se x, espe cially the Greens , he s aid. W e are not going t o tell p eople h ow to live their liv es. But if in the same s itu ation ag ain, kno wing w hat I kn ow now, I w ould ha ve said n o. After an guishin g about the per sonal im plicatio ns and the imp act it could have on th decided he had confron t the al l Earlier this wee convers ation about w hat th reading about I have tr this wo uld would e ver h licly W hi always be other p ers taken a to he said. me que st involve dEXCLU SIVE CHIP L E GRA ND DAVID GERA GHTY The Gr eens c andida te for H iggins, Jason B all, yes terday PMs M undine pick sp arks feu d Scott M orrison has sto ked an in ternal f eud afte r his pla n to ins tall former ALP n ational preside nt Warren Mund ine in the NS W seat of Gilmor e backf ired wh en dumped Libera l candid ate Gra nt Schultz vowed to run as an in de penden t in th e knife -edge s eat and spli t the go vernme nts vot e. The Pr ime M inisters inter vention ignited a backl ash yes ter day fro m som e mem bers w ho raised t he spec tre of m ass resi g nations to prot est agai nst the de cision t o block the en dorsem ent of Mr S chultz, whose late fath er, Alby, w as the lo ng-serv ing Libe ral MP for the ne ighbour ing sea t of Hume. The NS W Libe ral Part y state executi ve yes terday paved the way for Mr Mu ndines entry i nto federal parliam ent afte r voting by a marg in of 16 to one , with t wo abstent ions, to op pose Mr Schultz s endor sement in the s eat. Mr Mu ndine w as still in the process of jo ining t he Lib eral Party l ast nig ht afte r the s tate executi ve pas sed tw o moti ons waiving the usu al requi rement for a candi date to have b een a p arty membe r for six month s. An in censed Mr Sc hultz Continu ed on P age 4 JOE KE LLY ROSIE LEWIS Accuse d war c rimina ls road -rage c An acc used Se rbian w a wanted by Cr oatian a over a b rutal m assacre i claimed the live s of 43 found g uilty of a road r in Sydn ey in 20 05 dur threw a woma n lik into the path of an on Zoran T adic, 59 , h in the sleepy subu berg in southw este migrati ng to A ust 1992, a llegedly w Serbian author iti His arr ival in nine m onths a comma nded Se 10 elde rly wom the sma ll rura Skabrn ja. Thirtee n s town w ere tortured , in hacked off, Last we announ ce War Cr im togethe r Mr Tad him wit h neva C nal off crime EXCLU SIVE JACQU ELIN M AGNAY OLIVIA CAISL EY Accuse d war c rimina l Zoran Tadic at Live rpool L ocal Co urt in 2005 fo r a hea ring on a charge of assa ult cau sing bo dily ha rm Tadic, centre, with m emb the ear ly 1990 s The pol ice com mission ers of A us tralias two big gest sta tes have re jected pill tes ting, w ith Mi ck Fuller from N SW sa ying it s advoca tes wa nt to leg alise dr ugs by steal th and Victori as Grah am Ashton saying it wou ld be u n likely to save liv es. In what appear ed to be a swipe at Gree ns MP Cate Fa ehrman ns revelati ons she used e cstasy i nto her 40s , Mr Fu ller said leader s in our com munity need t o lead by exampl e. That goes f or pol iticians , police commis sioners , spor ts stars these individu als wh o want to legalise drugs by stea lth through pill te sting n eed to be seen for what th ey are, he said . Ms Fae hrmann , a form er ad viser to Greens leader Richard Di Natale, entere d the pill-test ing debate t his wee k by bec oming t he first Au stralian politici an to ad mit she use d ecstas y. Mr Full er said: There is ample evidenc e that d rugs ar e not sa fe. Even th ose wit h absol ute pur ity. All drug s can kil l. This is the mes s age we n eed out there. Mr As hton s aid mo st drug overdos es at mu sic conc erts wer e the resu lts of p oly use : one pe r son taki ng mult iple pill s. Pill te st ing doe s not sto p this, he said. m h d Police commi ssioner s reject pill EXCLU SIVE ANDRE W CLE NNELL PAUL M ALEY DIGITA L INCO ME IN C OALIT IONS S IGHTS Tax stri ke on Airb nb, Uber us ers Almost 11 millio n Austr alians w ho earn money from sharing econom y platfo rms suc h as Ub er and Air bnb wil l be subj ect to a n ew reportin g regim e to ens ure tax is paid on income now es timated at $15 billi on a yea r. The cr ackdow n woul d mean those p latform s opera ting in A us tralia w ill be r equired to rep ort data to the tax office s o that t he earning s of tho se parti cipating in them c ould be proper ly asses sed for pote ntial tax liabiliti es. Treasur y will t oday re lease a discussi on pap er to co nsult w ith the ind ustry o n a ma ndatory re porting regim e that would not only en sure ta x liabil ities we re met but also cut red tap e for mu m and-da d opera tors usi ng the d igi tal platf orms. The go vernme nt has made i t clear th e mand atory s ystem w ill be adop ted and it does not favo ur Treasur ys seco nd optio n of usi ng banks a nd the financia l sector to track in come an d transa ctions. This wo uld ensu re comp liance and let millio ns of A ustralia ns using d igital pl atforms have th eir tax for ms pre -filled r ather t han having to meet often o nerous self reportin g obliga tions. It is un derstoo d that entities such a s Uber and A irbnb a re workin g with t he Aust ralian T ax ation O ffice on sharing data an d providi ng dire ct repo rting of the income earned by Ub er driv ers and tho se offer ing priv ate ren tal accomm odation under t he ATO s formal informa tion g atherin g powers . The ref orms p roposed in the Treasur y pape r, to b e relea sed today b y Assist ant Tre asurer Z ed Seselja, would expand the rep ort ing arr angeme nts to all sha red econom y platfo rms and standar d ise the way in formati on is c ol lected. Senator Seselja said t he re forms w ere aim ed at d eliverin g transpa rency a nd fairn ess into the sharing econo my. M ore an d more A ustralia ns are m aking u se of the g reater c hoice p rovided by platform s like U ber and Airbnb , leading to sign ificant growth in the shar ing econ omy, h e said. But as it grow s, there is a risk that som e indivi duals a re not r e porting their full inc ome a nd avoidin g the rig ht amou nt of tax . As wel l as Ub er and Airbnb, major p layers in the sha red eco n omy inc lude on line ma rketpla ces such a s Airta sker an d deliv ery platform s such as Deli veroo a nd Uber Ea ts. While t he ATO believe s most individu als and busines ses are re porting tax obli gations , there a re a number that ha ve not, l eading to a a loss o f revenu e that th e gover n ment sa ys woul d be use d for de liv ery of s ervices such as health and educati on. The AT O at pr esent is unable to calcu late the amoun t of tax for gone by those e ither ig norant of their ta x oblig ations or delib er ately av oiding t heir liab ilities. The re forms are dir ected a t particip ants of the sh ared ec on omy ra ther th an the platform s themse lves, w hich co me un der the Co alitions existin g mult i nationa l tax reg imes. A repor t from t he Blac k Econ omy ta skforce was un able to say what th e level o f unpaid tax liab ili ties was for the shared econom y, althoug h it repo rted tha t many of Continu ed on P age 4 EXCLU SIVE SIMON BENSO N NATIO NAL A FFAIR S EDI TOR SHARI NG DA TA Sharin g-econo my platform s to report i ncome of particip ants to tax offi ce Gover nment does not fav our usi ng bank s to link pa rticipan ts inco me to tax fi le num bers 11 mil lion Au stralian s earn income , now w orth $15 billion , from sh aring e conom y $ MORE REPO RTS P4 Jo h a n n a C o lle ct io n b y K et t V1 - CAVE 01Z0 1MA PINE GAP DOCS RELE ASED >> P3MAY OR RY AN DISMI SSES NT/SA MERG ER >> P2 7-DA Y TV GU IDE INSID E >> P11 $1.30 * Incl . GST TUES DAY, JANU ARY 8 , 2019 PHON E (08 ) 895 0 977 7 HIGH FIR ALERT alicen ow.co m.au SCOR CHING WEA THER RAIS ES AL AR V1 - AUS E01Z 01M A WW W.T HEA UST RAL IAN .CO M.A U I F OR THE INF ORM ED AUS TRA LIA N I NE WS BRA ND OF THE YEA R FOR CE CHA NGE for 41 YEA R CUR SE SPO RT { P37} REV IEW Can t hese fresh -face d Auss ies beat Open hood oo? Mah ersh ala A li is H ollyw oods new leadi ng m an Flig ca NEW S {P1 0} Fiv se Lucy s tut u go od, b ut ca n she rain I lik e to danc e wh en D ad p lays the g uitar : Lu cy F aggo tter with par ents Rac hael and The fortu nes and emo tions of grazi ers m ay b e beh olden to t he weat her but one nine -yea r-old girl f rom west ern Q ueen sland has given her par ents a re ason to smile thro ugh the drou ght that has cripp led t heir shee p sta tion for tw o-thi rds o f her life. The re ar e pe ople who don t walk , the y lea p an d tw irl, R ach ael W ebste r tol d Th e W eeken d Aust ralia n of h er da ught er. Tha ts ho w Lu cy is. Lucy Fag gotte rs p assio n an d succ ess a s a b allet danc er h ave help ed h er fa mily cop e wit h th e endu ring hear tach e of d roug ht. Her relen tless pest ering of h er pare nts le d the m to sign her u p for balle t clas ses th ree y ears ago. Unli ke h er r egula r cl asses , whic h are deliv ered by th e Sch ool of th e Air , her balle t clas ses h ave to be con duct ed in pers on. T his mean s M s W ebste r an d Lu cy must mak e a tw ice-w eekly trip to Long reach , abo ut an hou rs dr ive alon g a du sty, r ocky road . The 17,00 0ha Mou nt V ictor ia Stati on, w hich has bee n in the fami ly of Lucy s fat her A llen F ag gotte r, sin ce th e 197 0s, h dece nt s easo nal rai 2012 . It re ceive d jus t 1 only half the y early a Whe re 70 00 s h walk ing throu gh ocks , abo ut 40 00 dusty plai ns in thing to pi ck. A t the d roug ht, ju left o n the stat But t rotti ing o ver t h Lucy , who of en ergy She s danc er f CHA RLIE PEE L Abo rigin al su icide cris four mor e gir ls tak e th Four Abo rigin al gir ls ha ve ta ken their own lives in a horr or w eek that has l ed o ne o f the nati ons most pr omin ent suici de re searc hers to p redic t ind igeno us child ren w ill so on c omp rise h alf of all yout h sui cides . Ther e is d eep c once rn th at th e over all y outh suic ide rate has been risi ng i n A ustra lia, and amo ng in digen ous child ren i t is rising fast . Ab out 5 pe r cen t of Aust ralia n ch ildre n age d up to 17 are A borig inal and Torr es St rait Islan der, but 4 0 pe r cen t of the child ren w ho to ok th eir ow n live s over the past year were indi gen ous, Gerr y Ge orga tos, t he he ad of the fe dera l gov ernm ents indig en ous c ritica l resp onse team , said . Acco rding to M r Ge orga tos, 102 indig enou s ch ildre n to ok their own lives in 2 009. In 2 017 167 i ndig enou s chi ldren died by suici de, a nd la st ye ars figur e expe cted to ex ceed 180, he s a Fro m wh at I a m se eing it is h e ing to ward s 50 p er ce nt, h e s The most rece nt tr aged on T hurs day in P erth s wher e a 15-ye ar-ol d ind i girl i s bel ieved to h ave t a own life. She h ad be en li her f athe r wh o wa s de strug gling , a fr iend of told T he W eeken d Au deat h co mes after indig enou s gi rl f Aust ralia died in T pital on J anua ry she w as ru shed t self-h armi ng. S ing r elativ es. On Sund indig enou s ore t own o by su icide his o wn li Aust rali EXC LUSI VE PAIG E TA YLO R IND IGE NO US AFF AIR S COR RES PON DEN T Up to a mi llion Aus tralia ns w ould be h it by a co mple x set of su per annu ation tax cha nges if Bill Shor ten wins gov ernm ent, new Trea sury analy sis h as re veale d, with mo thers ret urnin g fr om mate rnity lea ve a nd t he s elf emp loyed am ong those mo st affec ted. As L abor att acks the Pro duct ivity C omm issio ns key reco mme ndat ion to e stabl ish a top-1 0 sh ortlis t of defau lt su per annu ation fun ds, T reasu ry d ata obta ined by T he W eeken d Au stra lian s how s fou r of t he op posit ions less well know n ta x p olicie s woul d in creas e ta x or sap the retire men t ba lance s of up to 1.17 m illion Aus tralia ns at retir e men t to the t une, pote ntial ly, o f hund reds of th ousa nds o f doll ars. Josh Fry denb erg, who ha s alrea dy la unch ed a newyear pre elect ion a ssaul t on Labo rs ne ga tive gear ing, frank ing c redit ban and capit al g ains tax polic ies, seize d on the figur es to dec lare the oppo sition s su ite o f sup er taxes wou ld no t onl y dis cour age peop le to save but pun ish t hose who do. Labo r pla ns to cut the c ap o n nonconc essio nal supe rann u ation con tribu tions a pe rson can mak e eac h yea r from $100 ,000 to $75,0 00 a nd a bolis h c atch -up cont ribut ions for peop le w ith supe r ba lance s un der $500 ,000 c hang es t hat woul d af fect 17,00 0 an d 23 0,00 0 ta xpay ers respe ctive ly. If gi ven t he ch ance in go vern men t, Au stral ians shou ld no t be unde r any illus ions abou t Lab ors appr oach to su pera nnua tion and their plan for $ 19 bil lion o f high er, misg uide d tax es an d the furt her targe ting of as pirat iona l Au stra lians , the Trea surer writ es in The Wee kend Aust ralia n. Lab or is prom ising to re duce the non conc essio nal cont ri butio n ca p fr om $100 ,000 to $75,0 00, whic h wi ll hi t aro und 20,0 00 ta xpay ers. T he is sue i s not whet her t he co ntrib ution shou ld be ta xed a t the indi vidu als m ar ginal rate , as th at is n ot in disp ute, but rathe r wh ethe r ind ividu als shou ld be give n th e ch oice and flexib ility to co ntrib ute m ore i n any parti cular yea r in the e vent that their cap acity to do so incre ases. Its abou t stri king the right bala nce. Labo r w ould als o r evers e scop e for peo ple w ho a re pa rtly self-e mplo yed to d educ t sup er annu ation co ntrib ution s fr om their busi ness incom e a ffect ing up t o 80 0,00 0 pe ople a nd lowe r the high -inco me s uper con tribu tion thres hold from $250 ,000 to $200 ,000 , wh ich woul d en sure more high er ea rn ers p ay th e 30 per c ent t ax ra te on their conc essio nal c ontri butio ns. Mich ael R ice, an a ctuar y at Rice War ner A ctuar ies, sa id La bor was attem pting to cu t the value of supe r c once ssion s f or the weal thy. Th e no n-co nces siona l cap ( of $7 5,000 ) is pr obab ly OK not man y pe ople have a s pare $100 ,000 to p ut in to su per, he said. Th e hig h-inc ome thre shold is mo re in teres ting. Onc e we go to a 12 p er ce nt su pera nnua tion g uar ante e, the re wi ll be some man da tory cont ribut ions taxed at 30 per cent th at wi ll be u npop ular. The four Labo r me asure s are expe cted to ra ise $1 8.9bn over the med ium t erm (to 20 26-2 7). Trea sury estim ates 130,0 00 taxp ayer s wo uld p ay m ore a s a resul t of a redu ction in th e thr esh old f rom $250 ,000 to $ 200, 000 wher e th e c ontri butio ns tax incre ases from 15 per cent to 30 pe r cen t. Conti nued on P age 6 EXC LUSI VE ROS IE L EWI S ADA M C REIG HTO N MUM S, SEL F-EM PLO YED AT R ISK Shor ten supe r net to tra p a milli on INSIDE The Coal ition s ec onom ic reco rd, th ough far f rom brill iant, is a stren gth. Labo rs tax p lans are o ne of its wea knes ses. CHR IS K ENN Y P15 Labo rs p ropo sals are p art of a t rend that is unde rmin ing t he a ppea l of su per f or m iddle to hi gher inco me earn ers. ADA M C REIG HTO N P6 If we wan t inc reas ed socia l mo bility , we mus t decr ease the tax b urde n. Gov ernm ents that do th is ar e the only one s wo rth elect ing. 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