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The Northern Territory news Mon 4 Feb 2019

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MONDAY FEBRUARY 4 2019 OPINION 11 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA emy Buckingham, who quit the Greens after being accused in parliament by a fellow Greens MP of engaging in an act of sexual violence (which he denies). This, from the party loudest in denouncing sexism. But Bhathal forgot to mention related characteristics of the Greens that help make them dangerous their irresponsibility and self-obsession. No party is so wilfully blind to the consequences of their policies, and so obsessed with seeming good rather than doing it. This week well see the Greens back to their worst as Federal Parliament returns. They will back a private members Bill, along with Labor and independents, that sweetly claims to require the temporary transfer of all children and their families from offshore detention to Australia for the purpose of medical or psychiatric assessment. Like many Greens claims, this is as false as it is reckless. There are in fact no children left on Nauru to save. The last four will soon fly to the United States. This Bill will instead apply to more than 1000 illegal immigrants all adults, most men who are left on Nauru and Manus Island and wont go home. Nor will they be brought here temporarily. Any two activist doctors will be able to fly in any illegal immigrant claiming an illness, and once here legal action will stop them from being sent back. Example: last year an illegal immigrant was medivacked to Brisbane for tests on stomach pains. She was simply constipated, but is now here to stay. This Bill is actually meant to destroy offshore processing of all illegal immigrants a key policy the Liberals used to stop the boats that under the Gillard Labor Government brought in 50,000 people, with another 1200 drowning at sea. Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young was once asked if the Greens shared responsibility for those 1200 drownings, and shrugged: Tragedies happen; accidents happen. Yes, it seems its more important to Greens to scream racist! at Liberals than to stop even children from drowning. Its always about them. Nothing makes that clearer than the Greens demand that Australia be 100 per cent powered by renewable energy by 2030. This is an insanity based on a deceit. The deceit is that global warming is a huge danger, when the world has had little warming and apparently benefited from it, with record grain crops, fewer cyclones and no increase in droughts. The insanity is the Greens claiming that scrapping our coal-fired generators would improve our weather. In fact, Chief Scientist Alan Finkel admits that even shutting down Australia completely would make virtually no difference, but this policy goes to the essence of being Green. See, theres the abuse: the Greens can now pose as pure and call everyone else climate deniers. Theres the bullying: the Greens can heckle and block ade, and dream of forcing millions to sacrifice. Theres the untruths, with Greens last year blaming manmade warming for a minor cyclone off Darwin, when warming has instead produced fewer cyclones. And theres the total indifference to the consequences, which would include soaring power bills and blackouts. Its amazing Bhathal took so long to see through such a reckless, self-righteous and selfish party. What stops the rest? Its a Green-eyed monster EVEN Greens members finally realise the Greens are hypocrites the same evil they pretend to fight. No wonder Victorias Greens lost a third of their paid members in just two years. The latest to see through them is Alex Bhathal, who last week quit the party for which shes been a candidate at six federal elections. Bhathal said shed suffered relentless organisational bullying, adding: The Labor Partys culture is highly factionalised and brutal but I feel like the Greens have grown another culture which is just as brutal, but also sanctimonious. Brutal? Sanctimonious? And Bhathal sees this only now in a party that demands tough laws against free speech and freely abuses opponents as racist, sexist, homophobic deniers? The last straw for her was when this notoriously secretive party prepared to censure her for allowing herself to be quoted in the media after being branded a bully by 18 members (which she denies). Mind you, the Greens have plenty theyd want kept under wraps like former Victorian leader Greg Barber secretly paying out a staffer who accused him of sexual harassment. Barber has since denied the claims against him. Then theres NSW MP Jer Alex Bhathal, who quit the party, with Greens leader Dr Richard Di Natale Picture: AAP LUKE GOSLING OAM MP Federal Member for Solomon (DARWIN & PALMERSTON) ADVERTISEMENT Authorised by Luke Gosling, Australian Labor Party, 3/266 Trower Road, Casuarina NT 0810 PO Box 43300, Casuarina NT 0811 | t (08) 8928 0180 DARWIN e luke.gosling.mp@aph.gov.au | w lukegosling.com.au LABOR WILL FUND PRESCHOOL FOR 3 AND 4 YEAR OLDS Read more about Labors plan: FairGoActionPlan.org.au MOBILE NURSING 24-7 Golden Glow LOCAL CARE FROM LOCAL NURSES Northern Territorys Largest Accredited Nursing Service www.goldenglownursing.com.au | (08) 8927 2756