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The Northern Territory news Mon 4 Feb 2019

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MONDAY FEBRUARY 4 2019 OPINION 13 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Do you think the NT has a road rage problem? NO I think the Gold Coast is the worst. REKISHA SATOUR, GRAY NO Theres a lot more openly aggressive driver in Far North Queensland. TEARNE MORRIS, PARAP NO Its pretty good. Sydney is terrible. BELINDA MORRIS, PARAP YES Kind of, people tend to get pissed off easily here. ALISHA OBRIEN, NIGHTCLIFF NO Compared to places like Melbourne its great. SETH CHIN, CULLEN BAY SPEAK UP Greenies employee Natasha Curle with locally grown bananas at Rapid Creek. The Northern Territory has officially been declared banana freckle free Picture: KERI MEGELUS Super snaps deserve a pension I own a car AND a boat. Curse Scullion how can he possibly deserve such an impossible amount when we oldies have to worry over every cent? Could some of the $3.5 million Natasha Fyles has guaranteed the Darwin Turf Club PLEASE be used to build a pool for the residents of the rural area? We have lived here for bugger all to show he knows what hes doing. Then we have the next bunch of federal pollies who will inevitably take over (like political ping-pong), and blame it all on the previous guy and cut services to the bone and raise taxes. Dear God! Im 76 my wife is 72, we worked very hard and raised a family. The present government does not think we Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or similar account and never ever will. Too much about these social media platforms that is totally negative, sadly resulting in tragedy, including suicide, because of the shame levied at a persons character by poisonous keyboard users. Henry I am stunned at some of those comments at the bottom of the article. A lot of people obviously do not understand the defamation consequences and threatening behaviour-type legal consequences of posting threats online. Got a fake email address behind that social media account? Its your unique pieces of data in your equipment and software that will get you identified and caught! If you think you cant get caught online you seriously need to think again. Jacky Spot on, Jacky. Surely it cant be that difficult to trace these people. Often their grammar and spelling is such that you would think they would not be able to set up fake email addresses that give them protection from being detected. There is all this talk of stopping online abuse but nothing seems to come of it. No one seems to be up for criminal charges. The young Katherine girl who died a year ago from online abuse whats going on with the police investigation? Surely with such a tragic outcome resources can be used to identify and deal with whoever is responsible! William ON THE BOTANIC GARDENS PROJECT Probably a worthwhile project, albeit unaffordable. Dave Wane How did the price compare with interstate and other local bidders? Peter William Not really. We need projects that will create jobs for now and into the future, not ones for the very short term. Rosemary txt the editor ON MANY THINGS Got to laugh at Gunner blaming the Libs for the current financial & economic woes of the NT. Fact: ALP has governed the NT for 14 of the past 18 years! Dog of Darwin Re NT DONT DESPAIR But we the residents of the NT do despair we have a chief whos gunna do this and gunna do that in charge and has done ON ABORIGINAL GROUPS INVITING KERRI-ANNE KENNERLEY TO TOWN CAMPS I like KAK. She is pretty much the real deal. But how many Aborigines living in communities even know who she is? To be fair: I have not lived (as a contractor) in an Aboriginal community since 1993. Maybe Aborigines are all glued to their televisions these days? Dave Wane How about picking a community randomly and turning up unannounced. No entourage, no cameras just plain memories to deal with. Nah, no ratings there. Leftovers ON MATT CUNNINGHAMS COLUMN ON SOCIAL MEDIA PUBLIC SHAMING Putting others down and ripping them into absolute pieces on and through social media seems to be a macabre and bizarre art form. People seek to outdo each other in the stinking nastiness of their comments. I do not have a world wide web news@ntnews.com.au call it, it conjures up the absolute possibility of a secret police. Rex Berrimah E-scooters totally agree with Harold Scruby. Yes Ms Shearer encourage Seniors to exercise but to use e-scooters is just idiotic. One fall can cause so much damage. You obviously were not listening to the Falls presentations by medical experts at COTA. 36 years, and still waiting Julie, Bees Creek Ben Barba just give up the grog. Not just for yourself but for your family. Grog Free life is the best Life. So Labor has vowed to introduce a reward system for whistleblowers the thin edge of the wedge? creeping commitment? Whatever you like to 0428 NTNEWS Uber not fair on our taxis I USE taxis every week to get to work. I think Darwin is too small to have Uber. I think it is unfair as many Uber drivers have other jobs, while for many taxi drivers it is their only income. I agree some taxi drivers are slack, bad drivers and always late. Tina, Nightcliff LETTER OF THE DAY