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The Centralian advocate Tue 11 Dec 2018



The Centralian advocate Tue 11 Dec 2018


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TUESDAY DECEMBER 11 2018 LETTERS 23 V1 - CAVE01Z01MA Support for Anzac OK positive people of Alice Springs lets get behind Tourism Central Australia with their open letter and see the art gallery project ahead in a positive direction. Im a small-business owner, proud long term local. Like all small business owners I have my ups and downs, I struggle when the local economy struggles, I struggle when crime and break ins happen and impact my business. BUT I see an opportunity here that we should be working together on and embracing. I understand there are concerns and issues, but I believe a majority of these have been addressed. From what I have been hearing there is lots of conversations happening with many of the Aboriginal people and traditional owners. Im hearing these conversations are positive. Lets hope we hear publicy from these representatives in the near future. I look forward to seeing our town thrive! B Smith More support With regards to the open letter from Tourism Central Australia re the all important National Aboriginal Art Gallery. How fabulous to see leadership by local business industry. The comments and views expressed are those that many of the local business have and support. Locals have been very quick to bag out Qantas about the cost of flights and the dropping of flights, well here is the Government and Tourism Industry trying its hardest to do something about attracting more people to town and all some locals can do is to whinge even more. Instead of having disagreements in the paper, and on social media lets work TOGETHER to see this happen. Yes there are issues to be worked through and yes there will be challenges and disagreements, but for the sake of our town growing and prospering lets work through these with sensible heads and not playing it across the media. Lucy a proud local and long time business owner of our awesome town Margaret Borger Thanks local thinker Local Thinker where have you been? Yes, Yes, Yes this would be ideal site for National Aboriginal Gallery. Look at the site Lot 7583 80800 sqm or lot 7727 61900 sqm Zoned (Tourist Commercial) magnificent views of the Ranges Owned by N.T.G. On Stephens Road around the corner from Casino where a town bus stop is situated Why hasnt this been considered? I have lived in Alice Springs 43 years and Mt. Johns area for 14 years and havent seen anything done to this land Whats wrong with it N.T.G.??? Use these blocks and this would save all relocation of sporting bodies. I would like to know how many more vacant blocks of land in Alice Springs are owned by the N.T.G. This should be public knowledge no more glass buildings please. THINK THINK THINK. NO MORE CONSULTA TIONS. LISTEN TO A.S.T.C. THEY WORK FOR THE PEOPLE OF ALICE SPRINGS. CONSIDER THESE BLOCKS AND GET IT MOVING. Thank you Local Thinker for finding out this information. J.E.B. Quote of the Day The Oxford Dictionary should place a photo of Mrs Gunner beside the word probity in an effort to more clearly define it. EX-CLP JOHN ELFERINK DEFENDS MRS GUNNER AGAINST INDEPENDENT MLA ROBYN LAMBLEY. letters@aliceadvocate.com.au Our crime problem deserves attention THE NT Government keeps plugging away on the crime issue, seemingly bringing in new measures almost daily. But for Alice, we have to share the funding pie with other parts of the Territory -- most notably Palmerston or Palmo. From what we hear, Palmo makes Alice Springs look like a holiday camp when it comes to crime. Outspoken Independent MLA Robyn Lambley continues to make a noise and demand that Alice gets its fair share of resources to fight crime. She says Alice Springs wont benefit from what she calls the political panic that saw the NT Government pour millions of dollars into youth crime prevention in Palmerston. This comes after the NT Government announced it would establish a $1.5 million drop-in centre in Palmerston that will be open 24/7. This is a proposal that is being pushed independently by a concerned group of citizens here in Alice. But our proposal has so far met with no funding from the Government. Ms Lambley says we were likely to be left waiting for the towns youth crime issues to be targeted in the same manner as the NT Governments spendathon in Palmerston, despite both areas suffering from similar social problems. And Ms Lambley puts this down to politicking. Labor stands to lose the two Palmerston seats they hold and obviously they are panicking, big time, she said. Lets see what the Government comes up with for us. 16 153 5000THE number of years Rex Mooney will have been the chief executive officer of the Alice Springs Town Council when he retires next year. THE mammoth rugby union winning margin of Kiwi Warriors against Dingo Cubs on Saturday. THE number of Icy Poles the Apex Club of Central Australian estimates it will be giving away at the annual giveaway. 2 Gap Road, Alice Springs PO Box 2254, Alice Springs 0870 Phone: (08) 8950 9777 Fax: (08) 8950 9740 www.alicenow.com.au CONTACT DETAILS EMAIL ADDRESSES News: news@aliceadvocate.com.au Letters: letters@aliceadvocate.com.au Sport: sport@aliceadvocate.com.au Display ads: ads@aliceadvocate.com.au Classifieds: cenclassies@aliceadvocate.com.au Editor: David Lornie Features Editor: Steve Menzies Sports Editor: Anthony Geppa Sales Manager:Brad Gaddes Editorial content and election comment is authorised by Matt Williams of Printers Place, McMinn Street, Darwin. Tidy champs The tidy towns com petition winners in the Ntaria community. Pastor Rodney Malbunka and Glenice Davis both employed at Finke River Mission store. The third winner was Claire Pararoultja lot 212 Ratara cres cent. The pictures are Rodney and Glenice with their awards. Congratulations and well done to all three. No pic available for Claire. I would love to see my work buddies in the local paper, they were very proud of winning. Lynne Daly Treat trees nicely How difficult it is to retain a sense of pride in our home, our street, community and Territory when the government institutions treat the trees and verges of this town with disrespect. To everyone in Alice Springs Id invite you to take a look down Bloomfield St from the Paddler Ave. Turn and note the bizarre destruction of that beautiful avenue. The mindless one sided lopping of these precious trees smacks of vandalism. Then please wander around into the intersection of Gee, Gason and Newland Street and view the gumtree bent two thirds of the way across the street with no balance foliage over the footpath. No one disputes the need for clearing the power lines and indeed the guys who carry out the work are doing so in good faith. But the safety aspects of this silliness could be mitigated if an arborist was employed to direct this pruning event which should only take place in winter anyhow! So while you are on the intersection just look along Newland Street footpath where the workers spreading the latest layer of road surface down Gason Street have dumped a pile of black gravel (next to a hole) on the verge. Then further around the curve you will see another mound of grey gravel TOTALLY obstructing the footpath. Perhaps in the run-up to Christmas a team of Tooth Fairies will come and make my front of house tidy and clear and the trees on Bloomfield be balanced, straight and safe. Dale McIver is getting support for her public letter.